The Brigitte Lindholm Overwatch cosplay by Trinity Limit is heating up Reddit

Trinity Limit Overwatch Cosplay
Trinity Limit’s Overwatch Cosplay. Pic credit: @trinity.limit/Instagram

Trinity Limit has been cosplaying since 2014, and while she has slowly built a small and loyal following, today may be her breakout, as her Brigitte Lindholm Overwatch cosplay is shooting up the ranks on Reddit.

While she is generally receiving solid feedback, as can be expected whenever any niche post takes off on Reddit, there has been some criticism as well.

While none has been too harsh, and some has been aimed at actually helping her improve her cosplay game, she is getting good buzz, and with over 23,000 upvotes in four hours, it looks like she will be the object of attention on Reddit for at least a few more hours.

She has passed the test

The cosplay was actually posted to be a makeup test, and while she didn’t have a wig with the right tint to match the character, she still looked amazing!

Most fans talked about how impressed they were with her accuracy, even with a different hair color. Many commented that this is the exact type of cosplay she was born to do.

It’s not perfect, but it’s very good

While she got plenty of compliments for the freckles, when it comes to makeup, a few people thought she should have bronzed a bit more, which does have some merit.

She was also warned off about photoshopping too much, as her left eye appears to be a little off to some viewers, while others defended her saying it was a little wonky due to nothing more than the angle of the photo.

Lately, Trinity has also been cosplaying Nana Shimura, and some fans think that may actually be her most accurate cosplay, even though she has also had some struggles getting her makeup on point for it now and then. Overall, her cosplay skills are progressing quite well and Trinity is poised to start becoming a name brand over the next year or two.

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