The best Beyonce birthday memes and GIFs as singer celebrates big day

Beyonce birthday memes
Beyonce is celebrating her birthday today, and we’ve gathered some of the best memes and gifs for you. Pic credit: @beyonce/Instagram

Beyonce is celebrating her birthday today, September 4. The queen of pop, dance, success — and well, the world — is turning 37 years old.

And what better way to celebrate Queen B’s birthday than with the best birthday memes and GIFs, which you can also use when your friends are celebrating their own birthdays. Without further ado, let Beyonce get all the attention…

Beyonce Birthday Meme

It’s time to celebrate your birthday with Beyonce. Pic credit:

Are you the one who likes to be the center of attention? Hate waiting for your friends to reach out on your birthday to congratulate you?

Well, why not send them the meme above, letting them know it’s your birthday? It’s a classy way to let them know you want attention without being over the top.

It’s time to dance it up for your birthday. GIF credit:

Have a friend who will dance like Beyonce in the club? Well, why not celebrate with this Beyonce GIF, throwing it down for the birthday queen?

The queen has arrived. GIF credit:

Sometimes, there’s just that special friend who needs the birthday crown. A GIF or meme doesn’t have to be over-the-top to be remembered. A simple “happy birthday queen” will do the trick!

Stop everything! Class is canceled. Pic credit:

Need to make a birthday message special? Why not use this meme above? Surely, Beyonce’s birthday should be a national holiday. Right?

It’s time to party with Beyonce. GIF credit:

Let’s face it – a good birthday celebration shouldn’t be without a good dance party. Luckily, there are plenty of GIFs available from Beyonce’s video for 7/11.

This GIF perfectly captures us at Monsters and Critics, as we wish Beyonce a very happy birthday.

What is your favorite Beyonce birthday meme and GIF?

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