The Bachelor viewers praise Maria Georgas, call for her to be The Bachelorette after Sydney bullying drama

Maria Georgas on The Bachelor
Maria Georgas is quickly becoming a Bachelor fan-favorite. Pic credit: ABC

The bullying drama between Sydney Gordon and Maria Georgas is taking over Season 28 of The Bachelor.

It all started when Madina complained about being the oldest woman in the house.

Maria commented on it, and Sydney took it the wrong way. Then she started talking about Maria to the other ladies and got called out for it.

Ever since, Sydney has been gunning for Maria, accusing her of bullying and verbal abuse – and trying to get her sent home.

That hasn’t worked out well for Sydney, as The Bachelor viewers are calling for her to go home.

It’s only helped Maria, who got on Bachelor Nation’s nerves after a wardrobe change in Episode 2, but now, it looks like viewers can’t get enough.

The Bachelor viewers can’t get enough of Maria Georgas

Maria has definitely been feeling the love lately, and she knows some of her Bachelor co-stars are not.

She even went so far recently as to ask everyone to be kind after calls to have Sydney sent home and backlash for Madina.

On Thursday, Maria shared a carousel of photos and videos from the Mrs. Right pageant where she joked about why she may have lost and the comment section blew up.

In it, The Bachelor viewers couldn’t stop singing her praises and calling for her to be promoted to The Bachelorette lead after all she’s gone through and how she handled it on the show.

One Bachelor fan thinks that Maria Georgas is carrying this season “on her back.”

The comments section on Maria Georgas Instagram post
The Bachelor viewers think Maria is carrying the season. Pic credit: @maria.georgas/Instagram

Others sang her praises – with one telling Maria to “Keep being you” amid the bullying drama.

Yet another told The Bachelor favorite, “These girls cant even compete w you.” “

Even more called her their “favorite” and agreed she’s “carrying this season.”

With another writing, “I literally haven’t stopped thinking about how well you handled all the drama. An inspiration truly.”

The comments section on Maria Georgas Instagram post
The Bachelor viewers love Maria. Pic credit: @maria.georgas/Instagram

Even more Maria fans weighed in with one writing, “Maria for bachelorette the only REAL one there and I hope Joey sees it! If you get sent home before the REAL bully of the house, I’m not watching the rest of the season.”

Another called her a “dear heart” and talked about how proud she is of how Maria has behaved amid the accusations.

The comments section on Maria Georgas Instagram post
Maria is a Bachelor fan favorite. Pic credit: @maria.georgas/Instagram

Calls for Maria to be the next Bachelorette star have been coming in. We hope production is listening.

The comments section on Maria Georgas Instagram post
Maria is getting lots of love from The Bachelor viewers. Pic credit: @maria.georgas/Instagram

Madina Alam backtracked on bully claims

Madina Alam wasn’t really trying to get pulled into the bullying drama between Sydney and Maria, but that’s exactly what happened.

Then, when Joey sat her down and asked her about it, Madina admitted that she felt bullied but wouldn’t say who was doing it.

Now, Madina is backtracking on the bully claims by way of an Instagram video where she said she regrets claiming she was bullied and used the wrong words.

Despite that, it seems this won’t end soon because a sneak peek of Episode 4 showed Sydney continuing the drama on the cast trip to Malta when she went to Joey again with more claims that Maria was giving her a hard time.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC with a special episode next week on Tuesday at 8/7c.

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