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The 10 hottest celebrity bikini photos of January 2022

The best bikini photos of January 2022
The best bikini photos of January 2022. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/StarMaxWorldwide/CBS/©

It is winter, but that is not stopping celebrities from throwing on some tiny bikinis and posing for some great photos.

Whether it is some of today’s top celebs like Hailee Steinfeld and Kendall Jenner or iconic stars like Elizabeth Hurley and Salma Hayek, these stars love showing what they got.

These photos take place on boats, beaches, and swimming pools.

They include singers, actors, and reality stars.

They also heat up everyone’s Instagram scrolling, with photos that deserve a second look.

Here is a look at the 10 hottest celebrity bikini photos of January 2022.

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley proved that age is only a number.

The 58-year-old actress shared a bikini pic earlier in January as she showed off her Elizabeth Hurley swimwear line.

“Got this shot whilst on location filming Christmas in the Caribbean – just before I sprained my silly ankle,” Hurley wrote in the caption. “Now, still on crutches and lying on the sofa, eating chocolates and feeling sorry for myself.”

Hurley starred in Christmas in the Caribbean as Rachel, an abandoned British bride who spends December in the Caribbean with her two bridesmaids.

Living in a bikini is second nature for Elizabeth Hurley.

Salma Hayek

Much like Elizabeth Hurley, Salma Hayek has also proven that she has not aged as she showed off a new bikini pic at the age of 55.

Hayek is very active on Instagram, regularly posting photos to her 20 million followers.

In January, Hayek posted a photo of her dipping into the water, wearing a navy blue bikini.

She also posted a photo of her shocked expression, writing, “The pain and pleasure of cold water.”

Salma Hayek continues to appear in some major Hollywood blockbusters, starring in both The Hitman’s Girlfriend’s Bodyguard with Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson and the MCU movie The Eternals in 2021.

Victoria Larson

Victoria Larson is known for Matt James’ season of The Bachelor. It was there that she became a “villain,” accused of bullying other girls.

Victoria has kept active on social media, posting lots of photos for her fans, as she has made a dramatic change to her appearance, with new hair but retaining her dominating personality.

In these photos of her on the beach in a white bikini, she wrote, “The universe is not an accident and neither are you.”

Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld got her start as a child star, earning awards for her role in The Coen Brothers True Grit.

Since then, Hailee has grown up and earned new fans thanks to her appearance on Marvel’s Hawkeye on Disney+. She appears to be part of the future of the MCU.

Hailee, who turned 25 in December, excited her fans when she wore a bikini hybrid swimsuit.

Since Hailee is normally wearing a lot more clothing in her movie roles, it was a surprising and pleasant surprise for her legions of Instagram fans.

Victoria Larson

Victoria Larson was back again with a second photo on the list of the best bikini photos in January 2022.

The Bachelor villain, who calls herself “Queen,” had a more relaxing Instagram bikini photo, sitting on a couch outside with her dog by her side.

“Basking in happiness and gratitude for intentional living and shifting to a new reality,” she wrote.

She also posted another photo around the same time with her on a boat in January, mocking winter.

Kendall Jenner

You can’t have a list of hot bikini photos without turning the attention to the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

While Kim Kardashian shared a bikini photo in January, it was her little sister Kendall Jenner who stole the show with her tiny black bikini shot of her standing in the snow.

Kendall wore a tiny, black bikini as she stood in the snow wearing giant black fur boots that are rumors to have cost $1,590. She also had on a pair of black sunglasses, but nothing else to keep her warm.

There were three total photos of her playing in the snow in her bikini.

Kate Bosworth

Actress Kate Bosworth decided to celebrate her 39th birthday with a bikini photo in January.

Bosworth made her name in the 2002 movie Blue Crush in which she played a surfer, and she still feels comfortable in a bikini.

She shared a few photos of herself on vacation at a beach.

In the caption of the Instagram post with her wearing a teal bikini, she wrote: “This is 39 :).”

The second photo showed her in the bikini sitting on a horse on the beach and she ended it with her riding the horse.

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello had a big year in 2021, appearing in the live-action movie Cinderella. She then followed up with a mentor role on The Voice.

Cabello has not had a great start to 2022, breaking up with her boyfriend Shawn Mendes, but she is trying to make the best of it.

In a bikini photo shot from the Dominican Republic on a boat.

“I posted no pics because i was hashtag living life but I was in the REPÚBLICA DOMINICANA BABYYYYYY VAMO A UN TETEOOOOOO,” the singer wrote in her caption.

Shannon St. Clair

Shannon St. Clair and her Love Island USA boyfriend Josh Goldstein had a tough end to 2021.

They were driving to Florida on New Year’s Eve when they stopped at a motel to sleep and had their car broken into. Whoever did this, stole everything they had.

However, Shannon and Josh made it to Florida and decided to make the best of it, as the two seem to be looking for a place in the state to live, preparing for the next stage of their lives together.

After arriving in Florida, Shannon posted her first bikini photo of 2022, writing, “Only right to start 2022 on a boat.”

Shannon and Josh are one of only two couples from Love Island USA Season 3 who are still together.

Rita Ora

British singer Rita Ora celebrated the new year in 2022 with bikini photos.

Also an actor, Ora most recently appeared in the 2021 crime drama Twist on Sky TV. 

She posed in her dark green bikini while in Australia.

Rita wrote in the caption on Instagram, “I stayed here till I got at least one with a little bit of sun. I’m feeling 2022.”

Rita posed in two different photos with the bikini, showing how happy she was to be on the beach as the new year began.

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