Tessa Brooks shares part of her workout while promoting brand

Tessa Brooks working out
Tessa Brooks works out in Alo Yoga in her recent post. Pic credit: @tessabrooks/Instagram

Tessa Brooks is working up a sweat and looks amazing while doing it in her Alo Yoga gear.

She posted a video of herself in the gym while the song rich flex by Drake and 21 Savage played in the background. She wore a black plaid sports bra that had a low-cut neckline and paired it with matching biker shorts to create the set.  

Over her outfit, she had on a loose-fitting knit bolero to add some dimension to the outfit. To keep on theme with the colors, she wore white sneakers with black socks. 

Since she was focused on working out, she opted out of any jewelry or accessories.  

To keep the hair out of her face, she put her long hair into a high ponytail.  

She posted her workout on her Instagram Story to promote Alo Yoga’s Singles Day sale.  

Tessa Brooks shows off her latest collection with L*SPACE 

Tessa has a lot of talents, one of which now includes being a designer for her latest collection. The social media star has been working with L*SPACE to create a line, and she is really excited about it.

She recently spoke to Maxim, saying, “It’s going to be a fan favorite, it’s so fun, flirty, and not only do you look good wearing it, but you feel good, too. There’s something for everyone!” 

She recently showed off one of her favorite activewear pieces from the collection and looked amazing.  

She wore a skintight burgundy romper that had a thin belt that matched the outfit perfectly. Over it, she wore a white oversized button-up to defend herself against the cool air.  

For her shoes, the fashion designer paired the outfit with thick white socks and grey sneakers.  

Tessa put her hair in a high ponytail that sported four braids.  

Tessa Brooks stuns while in the record store 

Even on a casual day, Tessa looked amazing as she found herself in a vintage CD and record store, showing off her Y2K style. 

She wore a white button-up blouse with a black miniskirt that showed off her long legs. Over it, she wore a black leather jacket to add some edginess to the look.  

For her shoes, she wore black loafers with black knee-high socks.  

To accessorize the outfit, she wore a brown handbag and small brown sunglasses.

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