Teairra Mari claps back at 50 Cent, brings up 6ix9ine and calls for Mona Scott-Young to help

Teairra Mari at he Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion
Teairra Mari responds to 50 Cent’s constant trolling. Pic credit: VH1

Ever since Teairra Mari lost in court to 50 Cent, he’s been reminding her in the pettiest of ways that she owes him $30,000.

Now, Teairra is breaking her silence about the ruling and in her clap back, the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star calls out the NYC rapper’s relationship with 6ix9ine and jokingly asks Mona Scott-Young for an advance.

On Friday, Teairra took to Instagram, posting a picture of 50 Cent and 6ix9ine with the caption, “Now I understand why you son’d #6ix9nine you instilled the Daddy habit, Curtisssss.”


For weeks, 50 Cent has been trolling Teairra Mari about the judgment ordering her to pay the rapper $30,000 in court fees after her lawsuit against him was dismissed.

Also for weeks, Teairra Mari ignored the trolling as 50 Cent claimed he was going to have her VH1 paychecks garnished in order to get his money.

So when Teairra finally did speak up, not only did she inform 50 Cent that he won’t be seeing that money anytime soon, she also called him out for being a snitch, something 6ix9ine has been accused of since copping a guilty plea to nine counts in his federal racketeering case.

Teairra essentially accused 50 Cent of teaching 6ix9ine to be a snitch in the Instagram post, a sentiment that is brewing in the hip hop community and even led Meek Mill to unfollow him on social media.

Teairra Mari’s Instagram post came just hours after another from 50 Cent, a post which was a bit more aggressive than those in the past.


He wrote, “B***h if you don’t give me my motherf**king Money, ??‍♂️what’s taking you so long? Oh ?you ain’t got no money.?figure it out.”

After Teairra Mari posted her photo of 50 Cent and 6ix9ine, he took aim again, this time at Mona Scott-Young.


When directing his attention at the Love & Hip Hop creator, 50 Cent was a little less abrasive, apparently going for flattery over threats.

He wrote, “Hey @monascottyoung this lil bitch @misstmariii better give me my money. She Saying she need a advance give me a call lady, ?looking good.”

No matter what tactic 50 Cent uses, it may be a very long wait and possibly even another court battle in order to get paid because Teairra Mari said she’s appealing the decision.

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