Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn secretly engaged: Here’s all the details

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn
Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are secretly engaged according to inside sources. Pic credit: © Press Agency/Keith Mayhew/Landmark Media

Taylor Swift and her boyfriend of five years Joe Alwyn are engaged, though they have not formally announced it to the world yet.

Taylor, who has famously never been very lucky in love, and the Conversations with Friends star apparently got engaged months ago, though they have yet to reveal it to anyone except for their very trusted inner circle.

Sources have now told The Sun about the engagement, so it appears they may need to re-think with whom they share their secrets.

Friends of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn revealed the pair is engaged

A close friend of Joe’s told the outlet, who first reported the news, “Taylor and Joe are incredibly happy, and very, very in love. They’ve actually been engaged for a few months but have only told their inner-inner circle — basically immediate family, and trusted, very old friends. Everyone has been sworn to secrecy too.”

Another friend revealed that Taylor wears her engagement ring only “behind closed doors,” and only a “handful of people” know about the future nuptials.

Taylor and Joe are famously private about their relationship, not appearing on each other’s social media, and are rarely photographed together.

Of an upcoming private wedding, the source said, “They want their love to stay away from the cameras as much as possible. This is just for them. And if and when they do exchange vows, there most definitely won’t be any Vogue, Rolling Stone or Hello! magazines there. It will be simple and elegant — like them.”

No other details about the upcoming wedding have been revealed.

Joe was featured in a very brief moment on Taylor’s documentary Miss Americana

Though they are an extremely private couple, Joe did appear on Taylor’s Netflix documentary Miss Americana in a blink-and-you-might-miss-it moment, in which she was seen hugging him after walking off stage during a concert.

In an interview for the documentary, Taylor alluded to their relationship, though, saying she had fallen in love “with someone who had a really wonderfully normal, balanced, grounded life” and together they decided they wanted their relationship to be private.

Taylor’s multiple relationships with Hollywood’s most eligible men

Taylor has never been super lucky in love, although that depends on how you look at it, considering she has dated some of Hollywood’s most eligible men.

Some of Taylor’s past boyfriends and love interests include Harry Styles, Tom Hiddleston, Jake Gyllenhaal, Calvin Harris, Joe Jonas, and John Mayer.

Fans of Taylor’s hear most of the intimate details of her relationships when new albums come out.

The most infamous was Red, in which she wrote multiple songs about Jake Gyllenhaal and recently dropped a 10-minute version with a long music video to go with it.

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