Taylor Swift addresses fans regarding ticket sales

Taylor Swift arrives at 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards
Taylor Swift refused to leave her fans hanging after the ticket sale fiasco. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Taylor Swift issued a statement to her fans on November 18, 2022, after ticket sales for her Eras Tour devolved into chaos. Though not naming Ticketmaster, Swift expressed deep frustration at their inability to handle the ticket sales and offered her sincere apologies to fans who had bad experiences.

She started the statement by describing herself as “protective” of her fans. This is why she has opted, in the past, to handle many aspects of her career directly instead of employing outside help.

Outside organizations simply don’t revere Swift’s fans’ support and loyalty as much as she does. However, she trusted Ticketmaster because they claimed they could handle the situation.

Swift didn’t have a full explanation for the chaos, as she was still trying to figure out what happened herself.

What’s clear, though, is that there was an exceedingly high demand for her tickets, and Ticketmaster failed to adequately prepare for and handle it.

She concluded by expressing her apologies to individuals who had a highly stressful experience getting tickets. She also addressed those who missed out on getting tickets and expressed interest in providing more opportunities in the future for them to hear her songs.

What happened with Taylor Swift’s ticket sales?

Swift’s statement comes about 24 hours after the demand for her tour tickets nearly broke Ticketmaster’s website and led to them canceling public ticket sales.

Taylor Swift addresses fans about the Ticketmaster incident on her Instagram Story.
Pic credit: @taylorswift/Instagram

The incident started on November 15, when Ticketmaster first opened up sales for Swift’s tour. What was supposed to happen, was a select number of Swift fans were given special access codes that would allow them to purchase tickets early on the 15th.

Meanwhile, the sales wouldn’t open up to the rest of the public until November 18. However, the plan started to look shaky when a staggering 3.5 million people pre-registered to get the special early access.

Ultimately, 1.5 million were invited to the pre-sale, with the expectation that not everyone would show up. On the 15th, though, these 1.5 million did show up, as did millions of other fans who weren’t pre-registered.

The site was bombarded with millions of users and billions of requests, causing the site to glitch. Angry fans were stuck waiting for hours as sales were delayed and they received error messages.

Ticketmaster ended up selling 2 million tickets, meaning 2 million people somehow all inexplicably ended up with the access codes. They left no tickets for anyone else, so the site canceled the sale to the public.

Swift’s ticket sales fiasco aftermath

The fiasco garnered widespread attention. Fan complaints led to Ticketmaster trending on Twitter and even garnered the attention of US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

She posted to Twitter urging disgruntled fans to take action. Ocasio-Cortez blamed Ticketmaster’s monopoly status, size, and power on its shortcomings and urged the U.S. Department of Justice to break up the company.

It has been reported that the DOJ is probing Ticketmaster after the Swift fiasco caught their attention. Tennessee Attorney General, Jonathan Skrmetti, is also already investigating the company himself.

Skrmetti’s investigation is based on alleged “antitrust violations.” Antitrust is legislation that is put in place to regulate businesses and prevent monopoly-like situations from arising.

The Swift fiasco showed that Ticketmaster may have too much power, seeing that they were able to charge exceedingly high prices to 2 million customers and give them a terrible experience because they had no other competitor to turn to get such tickets.

Swift’s slamming of Ticketmaster in her statement is warranted given that what happened may be more serious than originally thought.

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