Taylor Lautner says his fiancee Tay Dome is a massive Twilight fan but was never ‘Team Jacob’

Taylor Lautner at The 2016 FOX Summer TCA Party in Los Angeles, CA.
Taylor Lautner got engaged to his long-time girlfriend Tay Dome in November. Pic credit: ©

Taylor Lautner is engaged to a huge Twilight fan but his fiancee is not exactly on his side.

Tay Dome has always been ‘Team Edward’

Taylor, 29, who is best known for playing werewolf Jacob in the Twilight Saga, recently opened up about his engagement to his long-time girlfriend Tay Dome, telling Today’s Jason Kennedy that his wife-to-be was never on Team Jacob.

Jason asked the actor about Tay, 24, mentioning that she has chosen to go by the nickname due to the fact that her full name is Taylor. “You are engaged…her name is Taylor,” the Today show host said. “When you get married her name will be Taylor Lautner. That became a thing on social media.”

Jason continued, bringing up the point that Tay is, and apparently always has been, a big Edward Cullen fan.

“It is incredibly important to point out that Taylor [Dome] was, is, a massive Twilight fan,” he said while Taylor Lautner put his head down briefly and smiled.

The actor then revealed that Tay was never Team Jacob and was always rooting for Edward, adding that she will now be “marrying the other team.”

Taylor proposed to Tay in November with an elaborate set-up

Taylor announced news of his engagement back in November, sharing stunning pics of the set-up he created to set the stage for his proposal.

The actor created quite the romantic scene in order to pop the question, setting out dozens of cylindrical candle vases, red roses, and petals strewn across the entire walkway.

Taylor shared the snaps on his Instagram page, displaying the incredible work he put into the proposal while featuring a clearly-surprised and elated Tay reacting as the actor was down on one knee.

Who is Tay Dome?

While the couple happily celebrates their upcoming wedding, the world has wondered who the girl is that captured the heart of Twilight fans’ favorite werewolf.

Tay Dome works as a registered nurse, according to Newsweek, and also enjoys spending time as a social media influencer, sharing pics and videos to her Instagram page to promote certain brands and products.

A native Californian, Tay continues to live there with Taylor and their dogs and reportedly met the actor with the help of Taylor’s sister three years ago.

Twilight fans were in shock when news hit of the death of Gregory Tyree Boyce in 2020

Despite the exciting events coming up for Taylor Lautner and Tay Dome, and the successes of fellow stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, Twilight fans have likely not forgotten the news that had them shook just two years ago.

Actor Gregory Tyree Boyce, who played high-school student Tyler Crowley in the first film, was found dead alongside his girlfriend Natalie in a condo in Las Vegas in May of 2020.

The couple were discovered by Gregory’s cousin after he noticed the actor’s car was still in the garage when Gregory had been scheduled to be in Los Angeles.

Police later confirmed that both Gregory and Natalie had died due to fentanyl and cocaine intoxication.

In an ironic twist, Gregory had posted just months earlier that he didn’t think he would make it past the age of 30. The actor was 30 when he tragically died.

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