Tattoo model Heidi Lavon in tight bodysuit and leather straps will make you scream

Heidi Lavon is stunning in her black bodysuit
Heidi Lavon looks gorgeous in her black ensemble. Pic credit: @heidilavon/Instagram

All eyes were on Heidi Lavon as she looked drop-dead-gorgeous in her all-black ensemble.

The tattoo model recently shared her excitement for spooky season as she dressed up as one of the most famously known serial killers from the horror movie Scream.

With Halloween right around the corner, it only made sense that the model added the Scream mask to her attire, as it gave the fit a little extra spooky flair.

Heidi shared this special treat with her 1.8 million Instagram followers as she uploaded the spine-chilling photo to her Story.

It was evident that she thoroughly enjoyed the fit, as she stood with confidence while she smiled for the shot.

It goes without saying, the model looked stunning as she put a fun twist on the classic horror film.

Heidi Lavon will make you scream this Halloween

Heidi gave the serial killer Scream a new, sexier look as she wore a fitted, black bodysuit.

The bodysuit was a classic fit in which it tightly hugged her hips as it made its way right up to her neckline.

She styled the suit with a black leather O-ring garter belt which certainly highlighted her perfect curves.

The model also wore a matching black O-ring harness that wrapped around the middle of her chest and was held up by two thick leather straps which rested on each of her shoulders.

To add to the black collection, she wore a pair of knee-high socks that fell right below the garter belt.

Heidi presented a more natural face under the mask as she wore a touch of mascara with a small batwing design and finished with some rosy cheeks and a slightly glossed lip.

This fun Halloween fit was certainly one to die for, literally.

Heidi Lavon in spooky attire
Pic credit: @heidilavon/Instagram

Heidi Lavon reminisces about her favorite Spooky photoshoots

In her most recent Instagram post, the beautiful tattoo model shared one of her favorite photoshoot fits which was the Pyramid Head character from the classic 2006 horror film Silent Hill.

In the first few seconds of the video clip, Heidi swayed back in forth in a gorgeous black skin-tight dress as she wore the huge Pyramid Head over her face.

After that, Heidi showed clips of herself in full costume as she took on the role of the horror movie’s villain.

She wore a purposely damaged and blood-filled skirt that incorporated two long slits which went up both sides of her legs.

For the top, she went with a black leather bra that incorporated some intricate silver detailing throughout.

She then paired that with some beautiful, black leather opera gloves and matching black over-the-knee boots.

Heidi completed the epic fit by dragging the infamous weapon that goes along with Pyramid Head’s character, which is his great knife.

The tattooed beauty captioned the video with, “I’ll never be over this cosplay & shoot! 📐 Silent Hill shoot #2 is tomorrow with nurses! Are you ready for it?! 😉.”

Fans certainly enjoyed Heidi’s latest Halloween-themed Cosplay as the post proved just that while it secured over nine thousand likes.

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