Tana Mongeau stuns in a white wedding dress for perfect Anna Nicole costume

Tana Mongeau wears sparkly eyeshadow.
Tana Mongeau wears bright red lipstick. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Tana Mongeau has pulled out all the stops for the spooky season by dressing up in multiple gorgeous costumes that are totally jaw-dropping.

In one of her over-the-top costume pictures, she dressed up like Marilyn Monroe in a little white dress paired with a pearl necklace.

In a separate costume picture, she dressed up like Britney Spears from the unforgettable Hit Me Baby One More Time music video, which premiered in 1999.

After that, Tana shared photos of herself dressed in scantily clad wedding lingerie as a blushing bride with a friend who also posts content as an Instagram model.

Tana even did her best rendition of Margot Robbie’s character from The Wolf of Wall Street, wearing a skin-tight pink dress with bright pink heels.

Two of the costumes Tana wore for Halloween are definitely worth seeing.

Tana Mongeau dressed up like Anna Nicole Smith for Instagram

Tana pulled off the same exact bridal look as Anna Nicole Smith on her wedding day to 89-year-old Howard Marshall back in 1994. Tana wore a puffy white wedding dress with large sleeves hanging over her shoulders.

The dress itself was made with a shiny material that she wore with a pair of lacy gloves. Tana attached a see-through white veil on top of her head in a secure place in her blonde hair.

She held onto a bouquet of white roses with green leaves and stems as well. Her dramatic makeup looked just like Anna’s, with lashes, eyeliner, bright red lipstick, and flawless foundation.

Tana went as far as to pose with an elderly man in a wheelchair to make the picture look as realistic as possible. In the picture carousel, Tana uploaded the original picture from Anna’s wedding.

Tana Mongeau pauses Dizzy Wine promotion for Halloween celebrations

Tana is all about her Dizzy Wine brand these days. She took some time from promoting Dizzy Wine to share more Halloween pictures. Tana dressed up like Pamela Anderson from Baywatch, wearing a red bikini with the show’s logo on one hip.

One of the most iconic roles Pamela had as an actress happened to be her time playing a showstopping lifeguard on the show. Tana wore her long blonde hair parted in the middle with bangs cut in front of her forehead to perfectly match Pamela’s hairstyle from the iconic show.

Tana’s makeup also matched Pamela‘s look from back in the day with thick eyeliner, neutral-colored lips, long lashes, and thin eyebrows. Tana took her Halloween pictures one step further by posing with Harry Jowsey from Too Hot to Handle, one of Netflix‘s most entertaining reality TV dating shows of all time.

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