Tana Mongeau sizzles in bikini for Italian yacht trip

Tana Mongeau poses poses at the Sofia Richard Missguided Launch Party
Tana Mongeau sizzles in a black bikini in her “yacht dump” for her Italian trip. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Tana Mongeau sizzled as she posed in a black bikini aboard a yacht in Italy.

The 24-year-old social media personality donned the bikini for one shot of her “yacht dump.” The photos in her dump were all snapped aboard various yachts during a trip to Italy.

In the first photo, Mongeau paired her black bikini with a black bucket hat and a pair of sunglasses. She was snapped as she reclined on a cushioned gray couch on a yacht.

The yacht was out on the water with rippling waves and a distant Italian shoreline adding a breathtaking background to the photo. Mongeau seemed to be enjoying the sun as she held a wineglass in one hand and had her Christian Dior bag resting near her.

In the next photo, she clued her viewers in on what she was drinking with a shot of her half-full wineglass resting in front of a bucket filled with Marqués de Cáceres wines.

Several other photos revealed that she was traveling with friends. One photo saw her and Madison Louch sharing a bunk bed in the interior of a yacht, while another saw her hanging out with Hunter Moreno.

Tana Mongeau stunned on Italian trip with friends

Mongeau looked stunning as she rotated outfits and bikinis throughout her Italian vacation with her friends.

In one photo, she posed in a stunning crop top and matching skirt set. The long-sleeved off-shoulder crop top was a gorgeous shade of lime green and was paired with a long matching skirt.

Another photo showed her from behind, donning a multi-colored string bikini. She wore that bikini again in a photo with Moreno as the two leaned over a couch in the interior of the yacht.

The yachts and Italian scenery provided the perfect backdrop for Mongeau’s stunning photos.

Mongeau is a social media personality who boasts over five million subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel. She also boasts an additional five million followers on her Instagram account.

She first attracted attention in 2017 because of her “storytime” videos in which she shared wild stories of things that had happened to her. In recent years, she has expanded her career by delving into the music industry and starring in her reality series No Filter: Tana Mongeau.

Mongeau opened up about bold fashion style

Mongeau’s sizzling Italian vacation photos come just a few weeks after Mongeau opened up about her fashion style in an interview with Insider.

Her outfits sometimes tend to be daring and bold, and this look is intentional. Mongeau told Insider, “I like any fashion that makes people feel uncomfortable. I think it’s cool.”

Not only does she like daring outfits, but she has a penchant for styles that are disliked by others. For example, she loves Crocs, Uggs, and Tabi shoes, even though these trends weren’t well received by everyone.

She has similar sentiments when it comes to makeup. Mongeau indicated that she goes all-out when it comes to her makeup.

She rarely plays it safe when it comes to her fashion styles and always strives to go for whatever is bold, unexpected, and unique.

Mongeau’s approach to style seems to work well as she always has an audience for any of her doings, whether she’s modeling or on excursions to Italy.

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