Tana Mongeau ready for bed in braless tank and undies

Tana Mongeau's face.
Tana Mongeau in Los Angeles. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

These days, Tana Mongeau isn’t getting as much sleep as she would like, thanks to the construction happening next to her house.

That doesn’t mean she isn’t still going to bed each night wearing very sexy sleep attire. Tana looks good while she’s out and about in Los Angeles, but she also looks great when she’s chilling at home.

Tana has a history of posting pictures of herself in gorgeous outfits and designer labels.

Based on some of her content on social media, it’s clear that she knows what she’s doing when picking out cute clothing from her closet.

When it’s time to go to bed, though, dressing to the nines isn’t always the biggest deal in the world to most people. Bedtime is when people are generally more concerned with comfort and relaxation.

Tana‘s casual bedtime look shows that she can still look incredibly dazzling without putting in much effort at all.

Tana Mongeau went braless before bedtime

Tana posted a picture on her Instagram Story before bedtime to show her followers what she wears before laying her head down on her pillow.

In the shot, she was wearing a crop top tank in the color white without a bra underneath. The thick straps of the tank top covered a small area of skin between her collarbones and shoulders.

Tana Mongeau braless before bed.
Pic credit: @TanaMongeau/Instagram

The top was short enough to show off her lower belly and the skinny straps of her underwear.

On her head, Tana was wearing a black bonnet clipped into place. Bonnets are typically used when women want to secure their hairstyle for the next day. For example, if you plan to wear your hair in curls on a Monday, you should probably pull a bonnet over your rollers on Sunday night.

Since Tana’s iPhone was blocking her face in the pic, it’s unclear whether or not she was wearing any makeup. Her nails were short and simple in a pale shade of pink, though.

Tana sizzled in a black bikini in Italia

Tana shared a photo thread during the summer wearing several different bikinis and dresses, but in the first picture from the batch, she was wearing a black two-piece bikini.

While chilling in Italia, the top of her bikini was strapless with a gold clasp down the center connecting the pieces of fabric that covered her chest area.

The bikini bottoms were high-waisted with thin straps pulled up on her hips to reveal her flat stomach stunningly.

Tana was barefoot that day, but she accessorized with a scrunchy around her wrist, a ring around her finger, and a pair of black sunglasses beneath her wet, blonde hair.

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