Tana Mongeau is pretty in hot pink for beach day fun

Tana Mongeau close up
Tana Mongeau stepped out on the beach in a hot pink bikini for a dip in the ocean. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Tana Mongeau enjoyed some fun in the sun while on vacation in Miami, casually strolling across the beach after she took a dip in the refreshing ocean.

The internet personality, who has racked up 5.39 million YouTube subscribers and 5.6 million Instagram followers, appeared to be enjoying a much-needed break from all the drama she has stirred up on social media in the past.

Tana wore a strapless hot pink bikini top that featured a wood circle in the middle and a striped pattern, along with matching string bottoms that hugged her curves.

She was soaking wet as she stepped out of the water, getting her feet a little sandy in the process, and looked as if she was having a great time.

She pulled her wet blonde hair back behind her, presumably to get it out of her face, after hitting the waves and naturally went makeup-free for the swim.

She was joined by a male pal, who is not pictured, and she was seen taking selfies with fans before heading back to her hotel.

Tana Mongeau in a red strapless bikini on a Miami beach
Tana Mongeau showed off her curvy figure in a hot pink strapless bikini while on vacation in Miami. Pic credit: BACKGRID

Tana Mongeau is a controversial YouTube personality

The controversial YouTube star has several videos with clickbait titles or dramatic life scenarios, but it definitely works for her, as a majority of them have over 1 million views.

Some of her video titles include “Meet My New Boyfriend (We broke up since this video),” “Go On a Date With Me and My Toxic Ex-Boyfriend,” and “My stalker is back…but so am i (storytime: finally exposing his identity.”

In one of her biggest PR stunts to date (or it could be real, nobody really knows at this point), Tana married fellow controversial YouTube personality Jake Paul in July 2019.

Though the pair never obtained a real marriage license, and their officiant was not licensed, they claimed to be married.

In a YouTube video explaining why, Tana told viewers, “I really wouldn’t want to do it on paper because I think that legally binding yourself to someone takes away the love. Like, it’s just unnecessary.”

They later announced their breakup in January 2020.

As for her other relationships? Tana dated actress Bella Thorne from 2017 until February 2019, and they were even thought to be involved in a throuple with singer Mod Sun for a period of that time.

Tana is the founder of canned wine brand Dizzy Wine

Tana took her internet fame and channeled it into her own business, launching her own canned wine brand, Dizzy Wine, in January 2022.

The cans feature an eye-catching pink and red design and a couple of different flavors.

The Red Blend or the White Wine can be bought in 8, 12, or 24 cans, with eight cans costing $44.99 or $38.24 if you have a monthly subscription.

There are also Dizzy Wine glasses available that feature the Dizzy logo on the front and a hot pink stem, with two costing $24.99.

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