Tana Mongeau gives fans a sneak peek of upcoming bedroom shoot

tana mongeau
Tana Mongeau in West Hollywood. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Tana Mongeau is constantly posing for photo shoots to represent the different brands she’s linked to.

In fact, Tana is so deep into the game that she has launched several brands of her own.

When she’s making her presence known on social media, she garners a lot of attention based on the clothes that she wears or the lack of clothes.

Along with being a social media starlet and reality TV star, Tana has made a career out of modeling in front of cameras on a regular basis.

One of the latest mirror selfies she shared on her Instagram Story shows off the innocent-looking set and backdrop of an upcoming photo shoot.

The outfit she wore was jaw-dropping for all the right reasons, in all the right ways. The theme of her photo shoot might be a mystery, but what she wore wasn’t.

Tana Mongeau looks sizzling in red

Tana posted a mirror selfie video in an all-pink bedroom wearing a sizzling red dress. Since all the decor of the bedroom was in a light shade of pink, she stood out in that bright red color.

The red dress had long sleeves that were pushed off of her shoulders to reveal a little extra skin on top. The sleeves loosened up around her wrists.

She posed in a way that showed off her thighs as well.

Tana Mongeau posing in a bedroom set.
Tana Mongeau posing in a red dress. Pic credit: @tanamongeau/Instagram

Tana kept things as mysterious as ever by adding a caption that said, “Today’s set. Don’t ask.”

She wore her long blonde hair in perfect curls in front of her shoulders and parted in the middle.

Tana Mongeau looks like sunshine in a yellow dress

It’s obvious that Tana sizzles in red, but she also looks flawless in yellow. She wore a low-cut yellow dress in a picture she posted, and she looked stunning.

The yellow dress was covered in a light pink printed design of flowers, leaves, and other intricate details. The thigh-skimming dress was short enough to show off the top of her legs, and she posed with her arms up in the air to show off more of her toned physique and perfect curves.

Tana accessorized with a pair of gray sunglasses that had reflective shades and a pink festival wristband on one arm. Since her eyes were hidden under the sunglasses, it was unclear whether or not she wore lashes and mascara. She did wear eyebrow tint and lipstick, though.

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