Tammy Hembrow’s fans are celebrating after Kylie Jenner renamed her baby boy

Tammy Hembrow arrives at the 3rd Annual #REVOLVEawards 2019 held at Goya Studios on November 15, 2019 in Hollywood
Tammy Hembrow’s fans are celebrating Kylie Jenner changing her baby boy’s name so that it’s no longer Wolf. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

When close celebrity friends split up, fans typically take a side on which celebrity they’ll continue to be a fan of. As far as Tammy Hembrow and Kylie Jenner’s friendship, it seems clear that fans definitely chose one over the other when their friendship ended.

In early February, Kylie announced that she had given birth to her and Travis Scott’s second child, a son that they named Wolf.

Almost immediately after Kylie announced the birth of her son, Tammy posted a picture to her Instagram account of her and her own son named Wolf, who is six years old.

The frequency of the posts led fans to believe that Kylie stole Tammy’s son’s name. However, Kylie announced earlier this week that they decided to change their son’s name because “Wolf” didn’t fit him anymore.

Although his new name hasn’t been confirmed at this time, Tammy’s fans are celebrating the change, saying Tammy “won.”

Tammy Hembrow fans react to Kylie Jenner changing Wolf’s name

Twitter users reacted almost immediately, posting a screenshot of Kylie’s announcement and saying, “y’all bullied [Kylie Jenner] into changing her son name” and “my good sis [Tammy Hembrow] is giggling to herself in a corner somewhere.”

Another user wrote, “No way did Kylie Jenner change her sons name. Tammy Hembrow won.” 

Tammy Hembrow won tweet
Pic credit: @drizzey_/Twitter

Someone else went even further, sharing posts of the two in similar outfits and saying, “first [Kylie Jenner] calls her son [Wolf] like [Tammy Hembrow] then she copied her outfit ???”

Although the outfits are remarkably similar (they could even be the same one), there has been no confirmation from either Tammy or Kylie that one is copying the other. Many fans are certain that Kylie is copying Tammy, but others aren’t so sure that Tammy is the true motive behind Kylie’s choices. 

Did Kylie Jenner change Wolf’s name due to money or popularity?

While Tammy Hembrow fans celebrate her winning against Kylie Jenner and her son’s name Wolf, others pointed out some additional reasons that Kylie could have decided to change her son’s name. 

One user wrote that Wolf is a very common name in Hollywood, and their guess is “they realized it.” The user went on to say that “Lisa Bonet, Eve, her ex friend tammy, and several other ppl all have sons named Wolf [crying emoji]. Tammy and her fans all claim Kylie stole the name since Tammy’s son is 6 years old.” 

Tweet advising Wolf is a popular name
Pic credit: @lovecraftcounty/Twitter

One user offered a different opinion, advising that it’s possible that Kylie changed Wolf’s name for money. The user claims that since she can’t copyright the name “the way Kris couldn’t copyright Kylie,” she changed the name for money. 

As far as Tammy Hembrow’s fans are concerned, it doesn’t matter much why Kylie changed her son’s name, all that matters is she did change it and Tammy won the battle. 

As far as Kylie Jenner is concerned, the reason she gave for changing Wolf’s name was that it didn’t seem like the right name for him, which is always a possibility. 

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