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Talia Jackson’s wig proves controversial on Netflix’s Family Reunion

Talia Jackson and the wig on Family Reunion
Talia Jackson and the controversial wig on Family Reunion. Pic credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix

Netflix’s new sitcom Family Reunion has a cast of familiar faces such as Sister, Sister’s Tia Mowry and Grey’s Anatomy’s Loretta Devine — but having her big break is actress Talia Jackson, who plays Jade.

The 17-year-old has been acting for several years but this is her first role in a major series. However her appearance on the show is proving somewhat controversial. Specifically her wig.

Jackson plays Jade McKellan — Cocoa (Tia Mowry) and Moz’s (Anthony Alabi) eldest daughter. In the sitcom, Jade is a rebellious teenager, unhappy about the family relocating to Columbus, Georgia from their home in Seattle, Washington.

In the premiere episode, Jade annoys her family with her defiant attitude as she misses partying with her friends in Seattle, but eventually begins to settle down in the McKellan’s new home.

However, it was the wig she was seemingly given to wear for the show that has got people talking — and not in a positive way.

In real life, Talia has incredible natural hair — which was the source of much frustration for viewers, who couldn’t figure out why she was made to wear the wig. Thankfully, it didn’t last for the whole show:

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