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Tal from My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Everything you need to know

Tal Fish is Whitney’s BFF on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Pic credit: TLC

Tal Fish is Whitney Thore’s “gay best friend” on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. He is currently living with her, essentially filling the role Buddy Bell held before he spiraled downhill. Viewers have seen Tal plenty of times on the show, but there’s more to him besides living with his bestie Whitney?

First, it is important to mention that Tal Fish and Whitney Thore have an incredibly different dynamic than she had with Buddy Bell. There aren’t any awkward feelings floating around and there won’t be any nights where their relationship crosses the line. Tal and Whitney vibe well together because of the boundaries that won’t ever be challenged.

Tal Fish’s family

Tal Fish lost his father earlier this year. He had been battling Parkinson’s disease and on the night of last season’s finale, he passed away.

Whitney Thore posted a tribute to Rufus Fish, Tal’s dad, on social media. Tal was close to his parents, and now, he is even close to his mom as they walk through this new way of life.

It appears that Tal and his sister are also pretty close. She has two children and he is often seen on social media playing with them and engaging in activities as an uncle.

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Today marks 8 months since we lost my sweet dad (on a Tuesday like today, also the last day I saw him alive). It is hard to believe it has been three quarters of a year; nearly three seasons. I went looking for the last picture I had taken of him on my iPhone and burst into tears when I found out it was this one taken roughly 2 weeks before he died when @whitneywaythore went to visit him with me. As much as I loved being with him, going out to see him at his nursing home was always sad. I made an effort to visit him weekly as long as I was in town, but on that day the grief of his illness and limitations felt particularly heavy so I asked Whitney to go with me and she said yes without hesitating. We fed him lunch and had a nice visit filled with laughter. I didn’t know it was one of the last times I’d see him on this earth. In this season of thanksgiving, I am grateful for him, this memory, and friends like Whitney that show up when you need them.

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Tal is sober

Earlier this year, Tal Fish opened up on My Big Fat Fabulous Life about living a recovery lifestyle.

While his substance of choice wasn’t revealed, it was definitely clear that sobriety was something he took very seriously. In fact, Tal shared a photo of a cake on Instagram indicating he had been “free” for two years.

His relationship with his mom is something that Tal Fish credits with helping him stay sober. He shared a photo of the two of them and gushed about the amazing support she has given him. Tal is definitely a mama’s boy, and viewers are loving it.

Adoption plans

During the season premiere of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Tal Fish and Whitney Thore went and talked to an adoption counselor. He is the only friend who is supporting her fully in her decision to adopt a child and with that, she has been leaning on him a lot.

This process has been discussed for over a year now and after hearing that Tal Fish is more likely to get a child over Whitney Thore, her heart was broken. It remains to be seen if he will follow through with his plans to adopt and if he will raise a child with his best friend.

For the most part, Tal Fish keeps his love life on the more private side. There is a man he has been seeing for at least a few months who has been popping up on social media, but as of yet, he has not been mentioned on the show.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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