Takeoff remembered at AMAs by Wayne Brady: ‘We have to stop gun violence’

Wayne Brady at the LA premiere of Spider Man: Far from Home
Wayne Brady speaks out about gun violence at the AMAs. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

At the 2022 AMAs, Wayne Brady took a moment to honor late rapper Takeoff. In a touching speech, Wayne also asked for an end to gun violence.

Wayne spoke to the audience in front of a picture of Takeoff, who was killed in Houston, Texas, after an argument broke out between his uncle and Migos bandmate, Quavo, and another partygoer. As the conflict escalated, gunshots were fired, and Takeoff was shot. No arrests have been made for his murder.

Wayne started by explaining that the show is to celebrate not only the artists and songs that are loved but also to pay respects and show gratitude to the artists who have left a legacy.

Wayne said about Takeoff, “We recently lost Kirsnick Khari Ball, better known as Takeoff, one-third of the groundbreaking hip-hop group Migos.” He went on, “On behalf of all of us that love hip-hop all around the world, we thank you, Takeoff, for your artistry, and tonight, we honor your memory.”

Wayne then went on to say, “We have to stop this senseless and terrible gun violence.” He then spoke of the tragic shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado, at Club Q, where a gunman entered the LGBTQ+ nightclub and killed at least five people while injuring dozens more.

“Just yesterday, there was a mass shooting…and our hearts go out to all of the victims’ families.” Wayne went on to say that he loved them all and his heart is with them before finishing with, “God bless you.”

Cardi B Performed with Glorilla after the Takeoff tribute

Takeoff’s cousin Offset’s wife, Cardi B, made her first public appearance since Takeoff’s death after Wayne’s tribute. She appeared alongside rapper Glorilla to perform Tomorrow 2.

Glorilla started the performance by revving up a motorcycle onstage before getting right into her hit song. Cardi B then pulled up in a purple convertible to perform her verse.

Much of the performance was bleeped out due to offensive language, but the ladies seemed to have fun on stage. The pair bumped elbows and danced together to the cheers of the crowd.

Tinashe spoke about Takeoff’s death on the red carpet

R&B singer Tinashe mentioned the late rapper on the red carpet. In an interview with ET, she said that Takeoff left a huge gap as “one of our generational figures.”

Tinashe went on to say that she thinks that Takeoff went way too soon at 28 and that his death was definitely a tragedy. She said, “I think Takeoff is such an amazing talent, and I think he’s gonna go down in history as someone who really set the mark.”

She continued, “I think the Migos was such a legendary group, and I’m just honestly still very, very, very, very sad about the entire…how it all played out.”

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