Sydney Sweeney’s pink ‘Gemma’ swimsuit on Euphoria sold out and has a waiting list

Sydney Sweeney
Sydney Sweeney’s Euphoria character has fans on a waiting list for her pink bathing suit. Pic credit: ©

Although Euphoria is a fictional series, the fashion portrayed on the show has fans buying the characters’ clothing in real life.

The show, which is in its second season on HBO Max, has quickly become known for its unfiltered storylines, catchy music, and cutting-edge high school fashion.

In Episode 4 of Season 2, which aired on Sunday, Sydney Sweeney’s character Cassie wore a bathing suit that gained the attention of many of the show’s watchers. The suit was so loved by viewers that many were able to find the actual suit on the retailer’s website.

Unfortunately, if they want to buy it now, they can’t.

The “Gemma Wrap One Piece Suit” is officially sold out online

The pink bathing suit now has a 500-person waitlist, as reported by Page Six.

The suit by Frankie’s Bikinis is a “pink punch” one-piece that features high leg cuts, a triangle neckline, and a wrap-around tie. Whether it’s the “sexy” appeal of the suit or the situation in which Sweeney’s character wore it, fans did not hesitate to search for the piece online.

Sweeney’s character wears the suit in one of the show’s iconic moments

So far in Season 2, one of the major storylines has circled around Sydney’s character Cassie and her secret relationship with Jacob Elordi’s character, Nate. Although the two claim to be in love, Cassie hides her feelings from her best friend Maddy, since she is Nate’s ex-girlfriend.

It’s the good old-fashioned love triangle drama the world loves from any high school-based series.

Cassie attends a birthday party at Maddy’s house, where she decides to have an outfit change into the pink swimsuit. It can be concluded that she changes into the sexy, cutout suit to gain Nate’s attention. Clearly, many people watching the episode may have figured the suit could have a similar eye-catching effect in their own lives.

Euphoria’s costume department talks about the outfit choice

At the end of the fourth episode, costume department head Heidi Bivens discussed her decision on the swimsuit Cassie wore to the party. She mentioned how it was important for the bathing suit to show “under-boob,” which has become a popular trend among the character’s age demographic in today’s society.

“We actually had another swimsuit planned,” Bivens said. “That pink suit was actually something that was in my back pocket. A lot of girls these days are doing under-boob, so, that’s a thing.”

Sweeney also chimed in with her thoughts on her character’s outfit.

“I wanted something that kind of emulated Maddy in a way,” she said. “I was like, what is something that could be as risqué as possible, but not too far where it’d be like – this is ridiculous?”

Cassie’s fashion choices have seemed to center around her obsessive need for attention from Nate. In Episode 3, her character was shown waking up extra early for school each day to make sure Nate would notice her “look.”

Although the $180 bathing suit is currently sold out online, it can be assumed that there will be other eye-catching pieces on the show during the rest of Season 2 – especially if Cassie continues to keep grasping the eye of someone who isn’t necessarily looking.

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