Sydney Sweeney shows skin in white coat for British GQ

Sydney Sweeney poses for the camera
Sydney Sweeney looks incredible with purple eyeliner and nude lips for the 2nd Annual HCA TV Awards. Pic credit: ©

American actress Sydney Sweeney left all her fans speechless with a recent photoshoot.

The actress is mainly known for her iconic role in HBO Max’s series Euphoria, where she stars next to ex-Disney Channel star Zendaya.

Sydney recently did a photoshoot for British GQ magazine, reflecting the actress’s life and how cameras and people always surround her.

She first put on an oversized shiny white coat that she left to fall over her shoulders as she went braless underneath. The dress also included a high slit, revealing her long legs and purple-heeled sandals with an ankle strap and a gold metallic heel.

Her blonde hair was down, and her lips had a powerful shade of red to contrast with her coat and the background.

For another shot, the actress put on a dazzling long blue gown as she posed surrounded by a camera with a ring light, making her makeup and dress shine even more.

Sydney Sweeney poses in Prada tank top for British GQ magazine

Sydney also posed in a white Prada tanktop that she paired with a black miniskirt with a sheer gold bottom.

For this look, she decided to accessorize by wearing an open diamond choker and matching long earrings. Her makeup was simple, yet glammed up with a small eyeliner.

The actress has worn many pieces from this worldwide fashion brand, including custom dresses for events and premieres.

Sydney Sweeney talks about the hard times at the beginning of her acting career

The 25-year-old might be one of the stars in the rising of her generation. Recently she got two Emmy nominations which shows that she is amazing doing what she does.

But not everything was the way it is now. She was just 11 years old when she knew she wanted to act. When she was 13, she and her family moved to Los Angeles to make it into Hollywood. But for a long time, she wasn’t landing anything good, and eventually, they had to move into a motel because the rent prices were too high for her family.

Sydney talked with British GQ magazine about what it was like for her, “I hated going home and friends or family members being like, ‘When are you going to come home and get a real job?’ There were a lot of really condescending statements that would make me disappointed in myself and guilty that my parents had given up so much to allow me to follow my dreams.”

Fortunately for her, she made it into the industry, and she is now in Boston filming the Spider-Man spin-off movie Madame Web.

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