Sydney Sweeney shows off fit figure while in desert

sydney sweeney desert
Sydney Sweeney at the 2022 Film Independent Spirit Awards. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Sydney Sweeney proves that not even the desert can bring the same fire temperatures as the actress.

In her latest share to her 14 million followers, Sweeney shares a carousel of images that seem to be her on location for a movie shoot in the desert.

The three-part carousel has the Euphoria star standing in the middle of a desert valley of brown sand, blocking the sun with her hands.

She is pictured wearing a cream-colored tank top and white cargo shorts with a brown belt that shows off her perfectly toned legs.

To help keep her head cool, she is wearing a black and white patterned hair wrap that gives off elegance in its functionality.

She captions the images with three emojis, writing, “🐪🧡🐪.”

Sydney Sweeney makes the Sahara Desert sweat

Adding to the outfit, Sweeney has on mid-calf length socks with white/yellow combat boots.

In another photo from the same angle, Sweeney has removed her hair wrap, letting the beauty of her hair flow free.

She looks behind her as a silver vehicle approaches from the distance.

The second picture shows a chair meant for talent to sit in during a production with the name “Sydney” printed across the back support.

It’s not stated outright whether this is a shoot for a commercial, photo shoot, or film production. Regardless, the Euphoria actress is making the Sahara melt.

What could this desert outing be for? Our guess is the latest Sony-verse movie, Madame Web.

Here is what we know about that film.

Sydney Sweeney stars in Madame Web

Back in February. Dakota Johnson was cast in the Sony Spider-verse film Madame Web. Sometime later, Sweeney was also added to the roster of the upcoming film.

Little is known about the exact story except for whispers of it possibly taking inspiration from Terminator. Specifically, a time travel plot involving forces trying to kill Uncle Ben (played by Adam Scott).

Sweeney is said to be playing Julia Carpenter in the movie, another Spider-Woman variant, and as The Direct points out, the second Madame Web in the comics.

Beyond Madame Web and superheroes, she also has a thriller called National Anthem in post-production, which stars big names like Toby Huss and Halsey.

Madame Web currently does not have a firm release date except a to-be-determined promise of 2024.

As far as Euphoria, the series has yet to begin production; therefore, no release date is known But hopefully, the acclaimed series returns in late 2023.

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