Sydney Sweeney is turning heads in bejeweled bra and shorts while riding a motorcycle

Sydney Sweeney stares off into the distance.
Sydney Sweeney wears dark eyeliner. Pic credit: ©

There won’t be a new season of Euphoria on HBO until 2024, but that doesn’t mean fans can’t keep up with Sydney Sweeney outside of the show.

Sydney is the type of actress who keeps her fans as updated as possible with consistent posts on social media about her personal life and the projects she’s working on.

The actress shared a series of photos wearing what appeared to be a festive Halloween costume to represent an edgy female motorcycle rider getting ready for a trip.

The outfit she put together was made of some of a few trendy items, including pieces that showed extra skin and glistened with sparkles.

Sydney certainly knows how to accessorize, whether she’s dressing up in a costume or simply spending time socializing with her friends.

A separate series of photos of her in a yellow jumpsuit is worth seeing as well, especially since she happens to glow in the color yellow.

Sydney Sweeney was an edgy biker chick for Halloween

Sydney wore a pair of sparkling shorts with a glittery crop top as part of her edgy biker chick costume for what appeared to be a Halloween photo shoot.

Her crop top left a little to the imagination due to the way it was cut, and its sultry design was created to show off tons of extra skin. On her feet, she wore a pair of knee-high boots with thick heels while posing for mirror selfies using her own iPhone.

Sydney sat perched upon a giant red and black motorcycle inside what appeared to be a gas station bar. She didn’t reveal exactly what the pictures were for, only adding a caption that said, “vroom vroom.”

Sydney Sweeney models for Cong Tri Official

Cong Tri is one of the brands Sydney is linked to these days. The brand is all about “refining woman beauty — elegant yet modern, feminine yet powerful,” according to their bio.

Sydney modeled in a yellow jumpsuit for the company, looking like an absolute ray of sunshine. The top part of the jumpsuit was designed with long sleeves that covered her shoulders down to her wrists.

The front area was sewn with a plunging neckline and was made with vertical lines with missing material that served as a cutout fashion statement.

The bottoms looked like a pair of yellow slacks, perfect for a day in the office. Sydney also wore a pair of red bottom heels that were yellow on top and made of shiny material.

She accessorized with a long coiling ring on her pointer finger and a pair of dangling earrings with blue gems hanging near her neck. For the photo shoot, Sydney wore her hair slicked back into a bun or ponytail with a few free-flowing strands out around her face.

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