Swiss soccer star Alisha Lehmann stuns with swimsuit poses from Miami trip

swiss soccer star alisha lehmann in ig selfie
Alisha Lehmann shared images from her recent vacation to Miami, Florida. Pic credit: @alishalehmann7/Instagram

Soccer sensation Alisha Lehmann recently enjoyed a journey to warm and sunny Florida and provided her followers with images from the getaway.

The 23-year-old Swiss soccer star donned various bikinis during her trip, which she displayed in several pictures posted on social media.

One of her captivating bikinis featured black as the primary color, with an intricate gold pattern also part of the design.

With her hair tied into a ponytail atop her head, Lehmann posed sideways with her butterfly tattoo visible as she sat on a large tree trunk. She kept one knee bent and looked out to the side, possibly admiring the beautiful scenery.

In the background was gorgeous blue water and sand as she enjoyed a relaxing day at the beach.

“It was amazing, thanks Miami for this amazing time,” she wrote in her caption, “Now it’s time to spend time with the most important people, my family.”

The second slide in Lehmann’s post features the Aston Villa forward giving her fans and followers a quick view of the water and city buildings in the distance from a jetski she was on.

Lehmann’s IG post arrived in time for Christmas and picked up over 800,000 likes and 1,600-plus comments reacting to the visuals.

Lehmann wears a pink bikini for Miami vacation

Just a day before her IG post above, Lehmann wore a bright pink bikini as she enjoyed the sun and mostly blue skies on a sandy beach.

Lehmann posed with her hands behind her hair, which flowed down her back, appearing to be wet from a possible dip in the ocean water.

“Finesse,” she wrote in a simple caption, with the pink bikini image getting her over 390,000 likes and 1,000 comments.

It was one of several posts she shared on her Instagram in that particular bikini, with another shared on the day after Christmas (below).

In the throwback image from her Miami trip, Lehmann was lying on the beach with one knee bent as she enjoyed the waves.

Based on her IG posts, Lehmann’s trip extended back to last Monday, giving her at least a week to enjoy some fun and sun in Miami, Florida. It’s expected she’ll return to full-time soccer training after the holidays have ended, as she and WSL’s Aston Villa club will play matches in January 2023.

Lehmann’s sponsorships include Adidas and EA Sports

With the arrival of the World Cup, Lehmann’s popularity hit a new level, as she reached an Instagram milestone with 10 million followers. As a soccer star with such a vast following, Lehmann has been able to parlay her popularity into a variety of endorsement deals or sponsorships.

That includes the multi-billion dollar sportswear manufacturer Adidas, well-known for working with athletes from all sports. Lehmann has a page on Adidas’ shop, which includes several items such as the Adidas Superstar sneakers, socks, and face masks.

In 2021, WWD reported that Lehmann was part of Adidas’ campaign to promote their shapewear known as Formotion, a collection targeted to women of all shapes and sizes. Others appearing in the campaign included dancer Minh-Thu Nguyen and yogi Jessamyn Stanley.

Working with EA Sports to promote the FIFA video game, Lehmann also appears as a playable character in FIFA 23. She has recently starred in video ads and YouTube videos (below) promoting the popular sports video game.

Beyond that, she’s pitched several other products and promotions on her IG page, including one involving Coca-Cola during the recent World Cup in Qatar. With such a massive following via her social media, it won’t be surprising to see Lehmann add more companies to her expanding portfolio in the coming year.

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