Swimsuit model Naomi Koch works on her tan under blue skies

Naomi Koch selfie
Naomi Koch showed off her bikini body for a swimsuit selfie on her balcony. Pic credit: @naomi_koch/Instagram

Naomi Koch is an up-and-coming swimsuit model, and though she isn’t a household name yet, that is sure to change in the coming years.

Though she only has 112,000 followers at the moment, she recently walked the runway during Miami Swim Week 2022 for VMD The Label.

Of course, the stunning model keeps her social media up to date with an aesthetically pleasing grid of bikini shots and sultry selfies.

But that doesn’t mean she never has time for a break, and she did just that recently for a sultry selfie in front of clear blue skies.

While the rest of the world languishes under cold, gray winter temperatures, Naomi was living her best life on a balcony with an absolutely gorgeous view.

Being a model, she’s likely exposed to all the warmest and best places in the world, so it’s no surprise to see her enjoying some sunshine in what was a highly enviable location.

Naomi Koch enjoyed some sunshine on her balcony as she took in the view

She appeared to be tanning as she lay on a towel in front of a beautiful ocean backdrop with greenery all around and even had glass walls to get a better view.

She went for a somewhat artistic selfie as it wasn’t in a mirror or straight on but in the reflection of a glass door.

She lifted up one leg to the side and arched her back to turn around and see herself as she elongated her toned frame. Naomi was in a black string bikini that flattered her fit physique, and she left her long, brunette hair down and cascading behind her.

It appeared she was still wearing a bit of makeup, including some mascara and lip gloss, though she looked slightly sweaty from the intense sun giving her a glow.

Naomi Koch taking a balcony selfie in a black bikini
Naomi Koch showed off her best angles in a black bikini on her balcony. Pic credit: @naomi_koch/Instagram

Naomi wore a pale yellow bikini from the swimwear brand Aval

While the bombshell spends most of her time promoting her modeling skills on social media, she does sometimes tag bikini brands in her pictures for followers who want to get their hands on the same style.

In a recent shot at the end of January, Naomi posed in front of the ocean, tagging her location as warm and sunny Miami, Florida.

She had one arm behind her head and jutted out her hip to the side to give a flattering, hourglass angle as her hair blew back behind her.

She looked like a bronzed goddess, with the pale yellow string bikini doing wonders for her skin tone.

The swimsuit was from Aval, a swimwear brand designed by fitness and nutrition expert Eilat Rose.

Naomi wore the Aval Electrified Top, which costs $29.99, and the matching Aval Electrified Bottoms, which also cost $29.99.

The brand claims on the website, “Carefully designed and created by the owner – Eilat, she came to her breaking point shopping for “minimal” labeled bikinis that were never really..minimal.” It goes on to say that she created her own using luxurious material and flattering cuts.

Keep an eye out for Naomi, as she is sure to be gracing some of the world’s top magazines and runways soon enough.

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