Swimmer Kira Toussaint in bikini for ‘sunrise dip’

Kira Toussaint poses in her bikini
Kira Toussaint poses for the camera as she gets ready for a quick dip. Pic credit: @kiratoussaint/Instagram

Kira Toussaint looked effortlessly gorgeous as she happily posed for the camera right before her sunrise swim.

The 28-year-old Dutch competitive swimmer specializes in the backstroke and has beaten many world records.

Kira is the former world record holder in the short course 50-meter backstroke and the Dutch record holder in the long course 50-meter backstroke and the 100-meter backstroke.

The swimmer is constantly training, whether that means weight lifting at the gym or going for a casual swim outdoors with a scenic view.

In a recent post, Kira shared her training process with her 81.7k thousand Instagram followers as she went for a nice morning dip.

Kira was smiling for the shot, with the beautiful colors of the morning sky glistening behind her.

Kira Toussaint smiles for the camera in her teeny bikini

Kira Toussaint certainly hasn’t been shy when it comes to showing off her toned physique, as she often poses in her many vibrant swimsuits on Instagram.

In her most recent photo, the swimmer hit Carolina Beach as she posed for the camera right before a sunset training session.

Kira was photographed in a colorful bikini. The bottoms were bright blue, and the top was bright pink. Both pieces hugged her body perfectly as they flattered her toned and muscular body.

The swimmer wore her blonde hair back into a ponytail as she smiled with her head down towards the sand.

She captioned the scenic photo, “Sunrise dip and @vol_swimdive won!! 🌅🍊🧡 #whataday #ArenaWaterInstinct #elkedagbeter.”

Kira Toussaint attended Mysteryland, covered in glitter

It seems hard to believe that the competitive swimmer has much free time, given the fact she’s always training, trying to improve her stroke.

However, Kira found the time between her heavy workload to go out and enjoy life with her friends.

The swimmer recently attended Mysteryland, an electronic dance music festival in the Netherlands.

She shared the magical experience with her Instagram followers, as she posted two photos of her and her friends thoroughly enjoying the festival.

In the first picture, Kira and her friend posed for a selfie, as the swimmer had a blend of blue, green, and teal glitter perfectly placed along her face.

She captioned the photo, “Yesterday is history, today is a gift, tomorrow is a mystery 🌸#mysteryland.”

Kira looked incredibly happy at the event as she smiled from ear to ear in most photographs.

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