Susan Anne Christman, YouTuber Roman Atwood’s mom, dies in scooter accident

Roman Atwood
Roman Atwood announces the tragic passing of his mon Susan Anne Christman. Pic credit: Roman Atwood/YouTube

YouTuber Roman Atwood took to Twitter on Thursday to announce to his fans and followers the sudden passing of his mother, Susan Anne Christman. According to Atwood, his mother died after she fell off a scooter while the family was on vacation.

The utterly devastated YouTuber shared the tragic incident in a Twitter message he captioned, “This hurts so much.”

“As most of you know my family and I are on vacation together,” Atwood, 36, wrote in the Twitter statement. “Yesterday my mom was riding around with my nephew on some little scooters. She fell off hers and hit her head.”

It was clear immediately Susan Anne Christman fell off the scooter that something had gone horribly wrong.

“She immediately lost all vitals,” the Twitter statement continued. “No heart rate and her breathing stopped.”

The family rushed her to the hospital but it was too late to save her life. Susan died hours after they arrived at the hospital, according to Atwood.

Atwood said the incident left him “numb and in complete disbelief.”

He said he was still struggling to process the shocking incident and that he would like fans to give him time to recover. He added that he would be away from his social media and other online platforms for some time because he needs to be with his family and his father.

“I will be by my family’s side, especially my father’s,” he wrote. “We are rushing back home to Ohio to figure everything out. Please pray for my family and especially for my father.”

“I’ve never been more in shock in my life,” he continued. “I’m numb and in complete disbelief. My heart is so heavy. We are all broken over here. Mom was everything to us.”

The family was on vacation to celebrate Roman’s 36th birthday, which fell on May 28.

Roman posted a message to Instagram and Twitter on Tuesday, May 28, thanking his fans for their birthday wishes.

The photo accompanying the message showed Roman with his wife Brittney and their kids, Noah, Cane and Kora.

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