Supernanny’s response to Adele after she announced her Las Vegas residency delay is epic

Adele attended the 85th Academy Award show in 2013.
Grammy star Adele recently announced that her Las Vegas residency show has been postponed due to COVID-19. Pic credit: ©

Grammy Award winner Adele recently made the painful decision to postpone her much-anticipated Las Vegas residency due to COVID-19 issues, less than a day before the show was set to begin.

The Rolling in the Deep singer, 33, made the announcement to postpone her residency in a tearful Instagram post where she explained the reasoning behind her decision.

While some fans were upset about the decision, the post received a lot of praise and attention from Adele’s 48.8 million followers, including from fellow British celebrity, child care expert, and Supernanny Jo Frost.

Adele shares that she’s postponing her Las Vegas residency

Adele started her announcement visibly distraught and teary-eyed as she apologized to her fans about the last-minute cancellation.

“I’m so sorry,” she said.

“My show ain’t ready,” she tearfully continued.

The postponement stems from a combination of both delivery delays and COVID-19 cases among the crew. Despite Adele and her team working relentlessly for the show to go on, it just couldn’t be done.

“We’ve tried absolutely everything that we can to put it together in time and for it to be good enough for you, but we’ve been absolutely destroyed by delivery delays and [COVID-19]. Half my crew, half my team are down with [COVID-19.],” Adele informed her followers.

Adele apologized several times to her fans throughout the video, saying she was “so upset” and “really embarrassed” by the last-minute cancellation.

Adele’s fans react to the postponement of her Las Vegas residency

Fans took Adele’s news with a mixed reaction, with some fans being upset that it was such a last-minute cancellation. Some fans were already in Las Vegas for the show and were understandably disappointed and frustrated.

While her announcement was met with disappointment and frustration by some people, others had Adele’s back and were extremely supportive, like Jo Frost, who applauded Adele for it.

“Adele WE ARE IN A PANDEMIC,” the childcare expert commented.

She continued, “Everything is a moving target even for professionals like yourself and many an unpredictable situation with so many impossibles and possibles,which is frustrating for many. No doubt your fans will appreciate your leadership in reaching out sincerely but honesty those who really don’t understand are in denial of the realities of how difficult things are right now on every level.”

The Supernanny concluded her love and support for the singer with a sincere “Now go get some sleep,have a hot bath and a glass of cold Sancere seriously before I put you on the naughty step! Big hugs Jo aka Supernanny xx.”

British celebrity Jo Frost offered Adele words of support over her decision to postpone her Las Vegas residency. Pic credit: @adele/Instagram

No new dates have been announced for the residency yet, but Adele promised to keep her fans posted.

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