Supermodel Helena Christensen stuns in swimwear for freezing cold river swim

Helena Christensen at the ELLE Style Awards.
Helena Christensen sizzled as she rocked a one-piece swimsuit for a cold river plunge. Pic credit: ©

Helena Christensen got into the holiday spirit in her own unique way as she donned a sexy swimsuit for a non-traditional celebration.

Going with a stunning one-piece in powder blue with a design splashed across it, the former Victoria’s Secret angel braved the chill of late fall and fully submerged herself in the chill of freezing river water.

Taking to her social media site with a short video clip of her outdoor adventure, Helena proved that she still has the body of her younger modeling days while first showing herself carefully tiptoeing waist-deep into the waters of the rushing river.

Giving fans a glimpse first of her toned upper legs before going all-in, Helena, 53, kept her brunette locks up in a top bun, her bangs hanging in wisps along her forehead.

The model gave a quick turn of her head to gape in open-mouthed shock at whoever was manning the camera as she stepped deeper into the frigid element.

To add to the allure and atmosphere of the setting, snowflakes could be seen lightly falling in clumps in front of the lens, with the star’s scenic background covered with a fine layer of snow that turned the evergreens nearly fully white.

As she put her whole body into the river, a friend of the model also entered the frame, carefully stepping on the rocks before also splashing right in for her plunge alongside Helena.

“Perfect day for a river swim ⛄️?,” Helena joked in her caption.

Helena Christensen braves freezing waters

This is not the first time Helena has courageously entered frigid waters during the colder months, having shocked fans nearly a year ago with another swimsuit-clad cold plunge.

As shared by Monsters and Critics in January, Helena took up the challenge of seeing just how much cold she could handle as she sported a flirty one-piece and a winter hat while dipping herself into an icy nature bath while surrounded by piles of snow.

Taking big breaths as she squatted low to get wet, Helena cringed as she squirmed around the tiny watering hole, her Australian Shepherd pup appearing to be anxiously awaiting his owner’s return at the bank’s edge.

When she isn’t submerging into arctic waters, Helena still enjoys a healthy modeling career, serving up major looks for some big companies.

Helena Christensen models for Coco de Mer lingerie campgain

Helena recently showed off her modeling talents in a photo shoot for Coco de Mer lingerie, posing in Europe during the country’s September heat wave.

Going super sheer and sensual for the session, Helena looked stunning as she rocked a variety of sexy attire while baring plenty of skin.

Predominantly sporting lacy, black lingerie, Helena could be seen leaning over statues, lying in the grass in skimpy underwear, and stretching her arms up for a jaw-dropping visual.

“I can’t think too much about it. But it’s wonderful to have a sense of yourself radiating something that makes others perhaps feel inspired by you,” Helena shared of her experience modeling in her fifties in exposing wear, as reported by Vogue.

“There’s something so beautiful and romantic and nostalgic about that,” she added while explaining why she still enjoys wearing lingerie, adding that she particularly enjoys vintage pieces as they remind her of the people who have modeled before her and those who will model them in the future.

Helena signed on to the Coco de Mer campaign last year, kicking things off with a self-captured shoot for the company’s Icon collection.

“I truly immersed myself in the creative process as I wanted the shoot to be intimate, yet strong and empowering: ethereal yet confident,” she said of the campaign, as reported by Fashion Gone Rogue. “Together with Coco de Mer I hope we inspire women to embrace their own desires and the empowering feeling you experience when wearing Coco de Mer.”

Aside from her partnership with the lingerie company, Helena also dabbles in her own fashion line on the side, titled Staerk & Christensen.

In collaboration with Camilla Staerk, Helena offers a variety of items to the public at a hefty price tag, with swimwear and clothing running between $150 to at least $350, while items from the Living section, such as mirrors and mirrored privacy screens, running upwards of nearly $20,000.

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