Supa Cent fiance Lou’s alleged cheating scandal: Wuzzam responds

Supa Cent and Lou
Social media star Supa Cent has broken up with fiance Lou following a cheating scandal. Pic credit: Supa Cent/Instagram

Social media star and makeup guru Supa Cent, also known as Wuzzam Supa, has responded to allegations that her fiance Lou had an affair with a 17-year-old teen.

Mob radio host Milagro Gramz published the alleged text exchanges between Supa Cent’s fiance Lou and the alleged teenager, which involved flirtatious text and graphic photos.

Supa Cent announced her engagement to Lou in June 2018. The couple reportedly broke up in October last year after the makeup guru announced that she is single following a cheating scandal.

However, reports emerged that the couple worked things out in November. It appears the on and off couple are now off again following Lou’s latest cheating allegations. Here is everything we know:

Who did Lou allegedly cheat on Supa Cent with?

In the flirty exchanges, Lou reportedly asks the girl her age and she identified herself as an 18-year-old who works at Footlocker. Milagro Gramz says an unidentified girl concerned about her best friend taking things too far with a man over 30 years old shared the alleged text messages.

The Mob radio host shared additional text messages said to be between Lou and the girl who he allegedly attempted to meet up with in Miami.

The pair share several photos and videos with each other. Lou also reportedly used a back-up Instagram account, which it’s claimed he used to talk with the unidentified girl.

Supa Cent responds after her fiance was accused of having an affair

Supa Cent has released a statement after declaring that she was going to end the engagement whether the rumor is true or not. “True or False. I’m not bout to stick around to find out,” the social media star said on Twitter. In a follow-up tweet, Supa Cent (real name Raynell Steward) seemingly confirmed the rumor about Lou’s affair.

“I know some may think this is funny and that’s fine. But I can’t flex like my I’m not hurt. It was def a gut punch to the stomach. I’ll get through it tho. I appreciate all the genuine love and support from my sincere supporters. Thank you so much.”

Lou has denied the cheating allegations and said he met the teenager when he was separated from Supa Cent. In his Instagram story, he also claims that he stopped speaking with the unidentified girl when he found out she was a minor.

It appears that Lou has deleted or deactivated his Instagram page following Supa Cent’s response to his alleged cheating scandal.

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