Suede Brooks is missing Milano with stunning photo dump

Suede Brooks snaps a mirror selfie
Suede Brooks looks beautiful with minimal makeup and perfect eyebrows in a mirror selfie. Pic credit: @suedebrooks/Instagram

The YouTuber Suede Brooks has a big following across all of her social media platforms for many reasons, including her style, killer physique, and fun content that keeps her fans interested.

Not long ago, the social media personality was in Milan, Italy, and looked beyond beautiful and stylish in a wide variety of outfits.

Brooks walked the Italian streets wearing a white crop top with a low neck that fit her perfectly and allowed her to show off her toned stomach.

She also paired this top with dark blue denim jeans and some black converse.

She decided to protect herself from the October weather by layering on a fluffy white long oversized coat that elevated the outfit.

She then added a fun pop of color by using a pink bucket hat as an accessory.

Suede Brooks shows off her slim figure in underwear mirror selfie

The internet personality shared a cute photo dump of her time in Europe on her Instagram, which now has 1.6 million followers.

She put on another stylish outfit — this time a matching pink button-up blouse and pants with a fun pattern all over them. She slicked back her hair and wore some hoop earrings and a pair of classic black glasses.

Not only that, but she also snapped a mirror selfie wearing a pair of white underwear and a black bra showcasing her slim figure, as well as some chic traveling bags and a navy blue hat.

Brooks captioned this post, “missing you milano.”

Suede Brooks talks about how her career started and affected her

The 21-year-old started her career at 12 years old by making videos throughout middle school that she used as “an outlet” to get her emotions out from being bullied.

Brooks sat down with Unpublished Magazine about the start of it all, saying, “I started doing it just for fun to get my mind off of what I was actually going through and then it slowly turned into my job, which I am so thankful for.”

She was also asked how has the internet and social media affected her life, since she has been using them for a very long time now.

The YouTuber explained that there were problems she went through when she was a teenager that she has used as an example for other young girls. She also believes that being “open and vulnerable” makes her feel more comfortable now that she is older.

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