Steven Wetherbee: Who is producer Lia Marie Johnson is allegedly kissing in THAT video?

YouTube star Lia Marie Johnson
YouTube and Instagram star Lia Marie Johnson’s social media fans are concerned about her well-being. Pic credit: @lia/Instagram

Social media star Lia Marie Johnson has her followers concerned. Johnson, known for her appearances on the Fine Brothers’ web series Kids React and Nickelodeon’s Terry the Tomboy, appeared on Instagram Live on January 2, apparently kissing a man.

Johnson appeared intoxicated during the live-stream. The man, who some Twitter users alleged was producer Steven Wetherbee, realized that she was live-streaming their interaction and tried to shut it down.

Johnson and the man appeared to be kissing about 15 minutes into the live-stream while her more than 1.3 million Instagram followers watched.

The man asked Johnson whether she was on Instagram. He appeared very concerned their interaction was being broadcast. Johnson did not respond at first, and when he asked again, she said no.

He wasn’t convinced and expressed concern. He told Johnson he was “hijacking” her phone.

However, it was too late, because some of Johnson’s Instagram followers watching the live-stream had recorded much of the interaction, including when the two appeared to be kissing.

Many of Johnson’s followers on social media seem concerned about her safety because she appeared to be intoxicated in the video.

Johnson later returned to Instagram Live to tell her Instagram followers not to call the police. She slurred her words in a manner that suggested she was intoxicated.

The man could also be heard saying he did not want the video to go out.

Johnson later posted a video in which she said the police showed up. She claimed they handcuffed and detained her.

Who is Steven Wetherbee?

Some Twitter users alleged that the man in the video with Johnson was Steven Wetherbee. According to Steven Wetherbee’s profile on, he is an engineer/producer, and founder of Golden Track Recording Studio in Escondido, California.

According to his Linkedin profile, Steven Wetherbee is from San Diego, California. He is a music and video producer, and owner of Golden Track Recording Studio.

He is also the owner of Wetherbee photography in San Diego, California. He is a professional photographer who shoots for top models and actors.

Wetherbee appears to have deleted his social media accounts, including his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, since the allegations were made against him on social media.

He also appears to have deleted his Wetherbeephoto website.

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