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Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe 2019 jacket: The best reactions to his flamboyant suit

Steve Harvey on stage with Zozibini Tunzi, winner of Miss Universe 2019
Steve Harvey resplendent in his jacket with the eventual winner of this year’s Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi. Pic credit: ABS-CBN Entertainment / YouTube

Steve Harvey hosted the Miss Universe 2019 pageant on Saturday night in Atlanta for his fifth consecutive year. The host of Family Feud had previously managed to focus attention on himself due to various gaffes. However, this Saturday, it was his choice of flamboyant suit jacket that had people talking.

Harvey wore a green jacket covered in gold trimmings, which adorned the sleeves and the pockets and almost everywhere else on the jacket. It was really a sight to behold, and many online could not get over it.

Ced Funches wondered if Harvey was hoping to be recruited by Wonder Woman for her upcoming fight in next year’s movie.

Continuing with the superhero theme, one Twitter user wrote: “Steve Harvey’s suit on the Miss Universe looks like it has powers.”

Reese Waters wondered if he’d stolen the jacket off professional wrestler Tito Santana and if he should perhaps give it back.

Amazingly, many people were not sold on the jacket with one user calling it “whack.” Another Twitter user suggested they had fought the urge to comment, but admitted they had to say “NO! NO! NO!” to the jacket. Poor Harvey!

There were some low points for Harvey in his night. He wrongly announced Miss Philipines as the winner of Best Costume, only to be corrected by the actual winner, Miss Malaysia. Harvey blamed the boo-boo on the teleprompter giving him false info.

In reference to a blunder he made in 2015, he said: “You all quit doing this to me. I can read this. They are trying to fix it now. This is what they did to me back in 2015.”

In 2015, he mistakenly announced the over-all winner as Miss Colombia when it was, in fact, Miss Philippines, and he got himself in hot water when he tried to make a joke out of it. The Colombian contestant said she’d forgiven him for the error, and Harvey responded with, “You’ve forgiven me. The cartel has not. They’re not handling it the same way.”

The audience and the internet were unimpressed with the joke.

Zozibini Tunzi, of South Africa, was the overall winner of Miss Universe 2019.

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