Steve Harvey shows off the ‘sexy’ part of his body he hopes will ‘pay off’ for him

steve harvey poses courtside in Atlanta, Georgia
Steve Harvey poses for photographers in in Atlanta, Georgia. Pic credit: © Robinson/Opmphoto/ImageCollect

Steve Harvey is sexy, and he knows it … at least one part of his body is, he says.

The Family Feud host got in on the fun during a recent episode when a contestant was asked to name a sexy body part.

Terren had her turn at the podium to answer a survey question as Steve asked her, “What do you really think is the sexiest part of a man?”

Terren answered the question with confidence, telling Steve, “I think the sexiest part of a man is his lips.”

Terren’s answer earned her applause from her teammates as well as the studio audience, and she seemed sure that her response would be on the board.

But, before Steve revealed whether Terren’s answer made it to the top answers on the board, he had some fun playing along with her reply.

Steve Harvey has some fun with a Family Feud contestant’s ‘sexy’ answer

Steve glanced down at his cue cards before staring into the crowd and slowly and deliberately licking his lips, eliciting more laughter from the viewers.

“Well, you got ’em natural,” Terren reinforced to Steve.

Steve held his pose, licking his lips for several seconds before he cracked a joke, getting a rise out of everyone in the room.

The 67-year-old teased that he’s been waiting for his lips to yield him some good results.

“Yeah,” Steve responded. “Always wanted these boys to pay off for me.”

Steve’s antics amused viewers at home just as much as the Family Feud studio audience.

His clip was shared on Family Feud’s official Instagram feed in a Reel captioned, “Sexiest part of a man?? 👁👄👁 #SteveHarvey: ‘Always wanted these boys to pay off for me!’ #FamilyFeud.”

Family Feud fans react to Steve and Terren’s exchange on Instagram

Nearly 4,000 at-home Family Feud watchers liked the video, and in the comments section, some expressed how much they laughed watching Steve’s on-air shenanigans.

“Not Steve licking his lips 😂🤣,” commented @tinitathomas.

@groovymama84 agreed with Terren’s answer, writing, “She’s right. I love a man with full lips.”

family feud viewers comment on steve harvey's joke on instagram
Pic credit: @familyfeud/Instagram

A couple more Family Feud watchers commented on Steve licking his lips.

One wrote, “Steve got nasty 😂😂,” and a second joked, “Steve was [sic] shooting his shot! Haha.”

Terren’s answer was a pretty popular one, after all; it earned her family 18 points as the number-two answer on the board.

“Eyes” was the number-one answer per 19 respondents; “Smile/Lips” came in second place with 18 points; and “Buns” placed third with 13 of the total tallies.

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