Steve Harvey says doing things ‘his way’ helped his success as host of Family Feud

steve harvey at the W Hollywood Hotel
Steve accepts his Hollywood Walk of Fame Star as he poses for photographers. Pic credit: ©

Steve Harvey has been hosting Family Feud for 15 years, and he credits his success to being allowed to be himself at work.

Before joining weeknight television, Steve worked as a comedian, and his talent is evident in his job as the host of Family Feud.

To commemorate his career milestone, Steve recently sat down with TODAY’s Donna Farizan to talk about his tenure on the popular game show.

“Fifteen years is a long time to do anything, especially on television,” Steve admitted. “You don’t get to stay on television for 15 years at nothing.”

When Donna asked Steve what he attributes his long-term success to, the 67-year-old revealed that Family Feud’s producer gave him free rein, which allowed his true talents to shine through.

“The original producers and the original executive producer, Gabby Johnson, she gave me the free reins,” Steve explained. “She said, ‘Okay, do it your way.'”

Steve Harvey has put his ‘own little stamp’ on hosting Family Feud

Steve also noted that his producers allowed him to “put his own little stamp” on the show, which fueled his success.

“What happens on this show doesn’t happen on any other game show,” Steve revealed.

Steve said that his interactions with the contestants set Family Feud apart from other game shows, something he calls “magic.”

The L’Evate You founder admits that he is lucky, telling TODAY, “I’m pretty fortunate, man. This format is kind of like, tailormade for my gift, you know … it’s created some magical moments.”

Something else Family Feud viewers might be surprised to hear is that Steve has never rehearsed any episodes.

In fact, Steve doesn’t know what the survey questions are beforehand, nor does he know any of the answers on the board.

Steve’s presence on stage guarantees laughs from the contestants, the studio audience, and viewers at home.

His over-the-top antics and interactions with the contestants are part of the reason Family Feud garners millions of viewers each and every episode.

Steve’s path to stardom wasn’t an easy one

Despite the vast success Steve has found later in life, it wasn’t an easy road for the father of seven.

Before he got his big break as a comedian, Steve was homeless and living in his car.

But despite the adversity he was facing, he always kept his faith, and he credits God with helping him overcome adversity after making a promise to Him.

“I was homeless, living in my car. I told God, ‘If you let me make it, when I get there, I’ll tell the world about you,'” Steve shared. “That’s a promise I made.”

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Kevin Watson
Kevin Watson
26 days ago

He is a good man and God bless your family keep us lol thank you

20 days ago

As I recall “Katt Williams” stated that Steve wasn’t homeless and he made the story up.

Robert kenworthy
Robert kenworthy
19 days ago

I really don’t care about Steve Harvey’s backstory we all have one but what I do care about is I enjoy watching him and I enjoy seeing what suits he is going to wear. Sure does make me want to wear better clothes then the sweats that I’ve been wearing since 84 and thank you Steve I have a little bit

Joseph laferriere
Joseph laferriere
17 days ago

I’ve seen hundreds of odd answers on that show. There is nothing wrong with the host joking, so long as he maintains composure and does not insult anyone. But Steve does insult people. As far as mispronounced someone’s name, no excuse.

Niecy Long
Niecy Long
12 days ago

Are you kidding me right now? Richard Dawson was a fool, & he was constantly spreading germs around by kissing on the contes- tants. I love me some Steve Harvey’s wit & just overall his character. He always makes me laugh.