Stella Hudgens is stunning in red for party pose alongside famous sister

Vanessa Hudgens and Stella Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens celebrates her younger sister Stella Hudgens’s birthday with party throwbacks. Pic credit: @stellahudgens/Instagram

Vanessa Hudgens’s sister, Stella, celebrated her birthday in style this weekend.

The actress took to social media to wish her younger sister a happy birthday and shared pictures of the two together over the years.

Stella turned 27 on November 13 and was also an actor growing up. The two have a tight-knit relationship, and Stella is regularly featured on her sister’s page.

Vanessa shared nine snapshots of the two of them on her Instagram Story in honor of Stella’s birthday.

The singer gushed over her sister and their shared love for the music festival Coachella. Vanessa shared photos from past festival years with her sister, where the two showed off their California style.

Some of the pictures featured Stella when she was younger, including a shot of the two sisters as children surrounded by dozens of Beanie babies.

In her series of birthday wishes and pictures, Vanessa expressed the sisters’ shared love for Halloween that continued into adulthood.

Stella Hudgens stuns in red in famous sister’s birthday post

In one of the photos Vanessa shared, the sisters were clad in red for a costume party.

Stella wore a sparkling silver mask over her face and posed alongside her famous sister.

Vanessa and Stella Hudgens look at each other smiling in red gowns and masks for a costume party.
Stella stuns in a red dress and silver mask for a costume party alongside her sister. Pic credit: @vanessahudgens/Instagram

She looked stunning in a deep v-neck red gown and matching red lipstick. Stella wore two dainty gold necklaces and smiled at her sister.

Vanessa posed in what looked like a medieval-style red gown with gold ribbon detailing down the middle. She had on a white feathered mask covered in gold glitter, and her ruffled gold dress sleeves hung down to her hips.

Vanessa Hudgens stays hydrated

The sisters clearly enjoy going out together. And after a night of partying, there’s nothing better than some hydration.

Vanessa co-founded the brand Caliwater with actor Oliver Trevena in 2014.

The former High School Musical star is often featured modeling for the brand’s Instagram page.

Caliwater is full of antioxidants and made from cactus, “one of the most sustainable foods on the planet,” according to the brand’s page.

The water is available in different flavors because, apparently, watermelon cactus water is something that people want.

The drink brand is marketed as an alternative to coconut water.

Caliwater is available online and, ironically, in New York at the local supermarket Gristedes.

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