Geoffrey Owens ‘we salute you’: Stars and fans back former Cosby Show actor on Labor Day after Trader Joe’s photo

Geoffrey Owens in Lucifer
Geoffrey Owens became famous on The Cosby Show and has had roled in other TV series like Lucifer, as shown above

It looks like Geoffrey Owens is getting the last laugh after he was spotted working hard for a living and then shamed for it by Fox News.

After the news station took aim at the Cosby Show actor for holding a regular 9-to-5 at a Trader Joe’s supermarket, the social media reaction has been to fiercely defend Owens for doing nothing more than trying to make a living.

Geoffrey Owens was just minding his own business when he was spotted wearing a dirty shirt (presumably from working hard in it all day) while he bagged groceries at a Trader Joe’s store in New Jersey. A customer saw the former TV star, who played Elvin Tibideaux on The Cosby Show, and took a picture.

The story made headlines over Labor Day weekend as several celebrity news sites across the internet mocked and shamed Owens for trying to earn a paycheck.

The story got even bigger when Fox News picked it up, but it all seemed to backfire on those looking to shame Owens as stars and fans alike then took to social media to praise him for doing what had to be done.

Those rallying behind the actor included Tami Roman, June Ambrose and Ebro Darden.

Even more touching were the stories that began to pour in about what an amazing human being Geoffrey Owens is. It turns out that the married father of one does way more than act in television shows and bag groceries at Trader Joe’s. He also volunteers at schools and helps those in need.

While many have brought negativity to the situation and bizarrely shamed the former Cosby Show actor for holding down a job, others are bringing to light the many great things he has done.

Hopefully, all the attention that has been thrown in Owens’ direction will turn into a huge positive as we remember on Labor Day that there is absolutely nothing wrong with hitting a timeclock and earning a living.

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