Southern Charm stars Shep Rose, Craig Conover get Instagram shade over food faves: Ducks, hot dogs, and worms

Southern Charm stars Shep Rose and Craig Conover get shaded on Instagram.
Southern Charm stars Shep Rose and Craig Conover get shaded on Instagram. Pic credit: Bravo TV

Southern Charm stars Shep Rose, and Craig Conover receives their fair share of shade over their antics on the popular Bravo TV reality show.

From Shep’s views about women (“He’s got money/He’s got more honey’s/Than any honeybee”) to Craig’s decision to make pillows rather than pursue law, the guys haven’t won any popularity contests.

Of course, if Southern Charm did have a popularity contest, we’d vote for Elvis The dog, who has provided some of the best moments on the show.

Shep and Craig are feeling the heat from social media again, this time for their confessions about favorite foods.

So in the words of the Southern Charm theme song, let’s all sing “it’s easy” and “ba-ba doo” on our way to gulping down what Rose and Conover have done to deserve more shade.

Southern Charm Shep Rose shares his duck hunting success on Instagram

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to hunt ducks Shep goes.

Rose headed to Instagram to post pics about his family’s hunting expedition.

“Successful morning duck hunting with Dad, brother, godfather, cousin and good buddy. Thinking about recipes,” wrote the Southern Charm gentleman on social media. His followers didn’t exactly cheer that success.

“Poor ducks have no chance. What did they ever do to you Shep?” questioned one Instagram commentator.

However, Shep lived up to his reputation for holding his own in arguments (hmm, perhaps he should have gone to law school rather than Craig).

“You should see how the ones are treated that end up on your table in restaurants,” responded Rose.

He also shared his plans to cook up his feast, telling his fans that you “can’t go wrong with cream cheese and jalapeños. Make little duck poppers.”

While Shep is busy with the cream cheese, Craig is preoccupied with worms. And hot dogs. Together.

Southern Charm pillow-maker Craig Conover tops his hot dogs with worms (gummy variety)

If you have a delicate stomach, do not try this at home.

Conover stars in a commercial for Nathan’s Famous hot dogs, and fans who saw him topping his hot dog with gummy worms went wild, as Bravo pointed out.

The ad seemed to begin with just a normal touting of the food. And Craig gave no warning in his caption of what was ahead.

“Getting along famously starts with Nathan’s Famous…trust me I should know! But take it from me, they’re more fun to eat than to throw at each other…most of the time,” wrote the Southern Charm gourmand.

Conover shared how much he loves hot dogs, describing the food as “social food that brings everyone together.” He even managed to bring in his famous business, adding that he planned to “get back to sewing my pillows.”

Bring in the gummy worms. Craig was filmed with a hot dog topped with the candy treats. That unusual addition to his meal sparked a debate among fans.

“Did you hand someone a hot dog with gummy worms on it?!?! Lol…” joked one.

And one wrote simply, “I CANNOT…”

We’re in agreement with that.

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