Sommer Ray stuns for ‘crazy cat lady’ compilation

Sommer Ray close up.
Sommer Ray is stunning as she models alongside her beautiful kitties. Pic credit: @sommerray/Instagram

Sommer Ray looked heavenly as she glistened and glowed for a compilation video while being accompanied by her cute cats.

The 26-year-old model gathered an array of her most loved photo shoots, which of course, featured all of her purebred cats.

In the many clips that were shared, Sommer was captured in a handful of iconic fits while she twirled around and modeled for the camera.

She also incorporated a mashup of Fergie’s song Glamorous into the video as she kissed and cuddled her furry friends.

Not only did the uplifting video encapsulate Sommer’s incredible modeling skills, but it also amplified her genuine admiration and overall appreciation toward her animals.

Luckily for fans, the brunette beauty shared the bittersweet video with her 26.3 million via Instagram.

Sommer Ray looks fabulous while she models with all of her kitties

At the beginning of the clip, Sommer was captured wearing a black satin dress. The delicate piece featured a high slit on both sides of her legs and a lacy strap that followed along the curves of her body.

As she posed in her satin dress, the model held onto her precious Bengal cat, who looked to be enjoying the photo shoot as well.

In another clip, the 26-year-old posed in a tiny blue bikini set. The cutesy set resembled a denim-like texture that featured frayed ends, just like a pair of jeans would. The bottoms sat perfectly along her hips, while the top seemed to have a more smooth texture.

For this bikini fit, Sommer held onto her newest member of the family, which was her fluffy brown Doll-Face Persian kitty.

For the last shot, the model styled in an all-white ensemble that included a patent leather miniskirt, along with a small white halter top.

As expected, Sommer didn’t model empty-handed, she was further accompanied by another fluffy gray Persian kitty.

Overall, both Sommer and her furry family stole the show as they made the perfect team.

She simply captioned the post, “crazy cat lady.”

Sommer Ray shows off her fine skills as a professional DJ while performing at Art Basel

Aside from her modeling, workout tutorials, and two businesses, Sommer has proven herself to be an exceptional DJ as she performs at various events throughout the year.

More recently, the 26-year-old model showcased her amazing skillset as she performed at the Art Basel event in Miami, Florida.

The model performed a special DJ set for all the guests as she closed out the night with some killer, upbeat tunes.

As the young star performed in front of a large audience, she was captured wearing a lacy set that reflected the artwork of painter Claude Monet.

The set featured a strapless corset-like top that included two blue laces, one on each side of her body. The long laces were designed to add extra support as they hugged her chest and torso perfectly.

The matching blue miniskirt that she wore featured the same lacy design that gave the skirt a little extra sassy flair.

As she executed the fit with absolute ease, she wore some of her hair up in a ponytail while the rest of her curly brown locks bounced around to the rhythm of the beat.

Per usual, Sommer’s makeup looked flawless while she sported a sun-kissed look for this special, artsy occasion.

From the looks of the crowd, her audience thoroughly enjoyed her epic Art Basel performance.

In the caption of the post, she expressed, “had so much fun djing the closing party for art basel!! 🫶🏻💛🤪🎨🎧 🎥- @rossturner_.”

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