Sommer Ray shares nightly routine with her furry friend

Sommer Ray selfie
Sommer Ray is glowing as she kindly shares her nightly routine with her fans. Pic credit: @sommerray/Instagram

When it comes to implementing a great nightly skincare routine, Sommer Ray is the woman to turn to.

In her latest share, the model was joined by her adorable Persian kitty as they got ready for their nightly ritual.

This ritual included Sommer’s Glow and Grow Imarais Beauty gummies and a bit of dancing to the song called To Stay by Plum.

The model went on to promote Imarais Beauty, which is a vegan and cruelty-free beauty company that provides its customers with glowing skin and healthier hair through its clinically proven, high-quality ingredients.

Sommer has seemed to have much success with the company so far as she only continues to grow her business and her success as an entrepreneur.

Fans can now purchase the products through Imarais’ official website.

Sommer Ray is glowing as she promotes Imarais Beauty with her kitten

While she danced and shared her nightly routine, the model donned a lovely gray and white bedtime set. This set included a pair of cheeky, high-waisted undies and a white, ribbed-textured crop top.

She went on to accessorize with a white headband, some gold hoop earrings, gold bracelets, and an assortment of chunky gold rings.

Her hair was styled in two buns that rested on each side of her head as she effortlessly channeled her inner Princess Leia.

Sommer rocked a naturally glowing face while she simultaneously threw the gummies up in the air while trying to catch them in her mouth.

As she did so, her furry companion sat peacefully in her arms as she continued to kiss the kitten throughout the video.

In the end, it looked like the two were enjoying each other’s company while they indulged in a little late-night fun before bed.

She simply captioned the post, “our nightly @imaraisbeauty routine.”

Sommer Ray promotes her special DJ set in Canada

Even though Sommer is constantly busy running her two businesses, along with all of her other promotional work, the entrepreneur has still managed to find the time to DJ frequently.

Not only does Sommer just DJ for fun, but she also performs for large crowds across the country.

However, for her latest gig, the model took her new skillset to the next level as she decided to perform this weekend on Saturday, April 1, at Mansion Night Club in Vancouver, Canada.

To help promote her special DJ set, the celeb decided to take to her Instagram, where she shared all the important details with her 26 million followers.

She also included a picture of herself as she posed in her nude-colored one-piece against a trippy pink and purple backdrop.

She went on to caption the post, “Vancouver Canada this weekend! saturrrrday?? @mansionclubvan.”

To learn more about the event, interested fans can head to Sommer’s Instagram page or can even go to Mansion Night Clubs’ website to get all of the details needed to attend.

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