Sommer Ray shares her boxing session turned photoshoot

Sommer Ray featured pic
Sommer Ray goes into boxing mode for a photo shoot. Pic credit: @sommerray/Instagram

Sommer Ray turned a sweaty workout into a sizzling photoshoot in boxing gear.

The popular Instagram model wore grey spandex as she stood in front of a heavy bag with her back partially turned to the camera in the first snap. 

In the second photo, Sommer Ray raised her head for a better angle and showed her pink boxing gloves in the third slide.

She raised her knee in the snaps to give a better view of her toned legs, also glancing over her shoulder in most of the pics.

The 26-year-old had her hair in a ponytail and went without accessories for the boxing photoshoot. 

In the Instagram post shared with her 26.3 million followers, Ray wrote in the caption, “boxing but make it a ✨photoshoot✨.”

How Sommer Ray sculpts her body

While she enjoys indulging at times, Sommer keeps herself fit through a combination of specific diet and exercise. The social media star spilled some of the secrets of her glute workout and how she eats to maintain her sensational figure.

On her website, the model revealed that she warms up on the stair stepper machine for six minutes. 

She then performs 15 repetitions and three sets of the leg press machine, cable kickback, abductor, and adductor machines. 

The fit model continues her exercise routine with single-leg presses and other low-body exercises. 

For cardio, Sommer prefers the jump rope in 60-second intervals and 30 seconds rest for six minutes. 

As for her diet, Sommer eats 70 grams of protein daily to maintain her hard-earned muscle. 

She starts her mornings with a protein shake and has six small meals throughout the day. 

One of her meals is grilled chicken with vegetables and steamed rice, but she enjoys getting her food from restaurants.

“I love In-and-Out Burger! I take my burger without the bun. Then I get my starch later from starchy veggies and whole grains,” she said of her eating out habit, continuing, “At Jersey Mike’s I’ll usually double down on turkey to fill myself up with protein.”

Sommer Ray stuns in a leather outfit

Earlier this month, Sommer looked stylish in a leather outfit for a night out in the city. 

Her pants were skintight in the Instagram snap, and she added a semi-sheer long-sleeve leopard print top to complete the look. 

“when life gets blurry – adjust your focus,” she wrote in the caption of the photo dump.

The model struck many poses in the outfit, starting with putting her hand on her head as she gazed into the camera. 

In one of the photos, she dropped the jacket off her shoulders to give a better view of her fashionable top.

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