Sommer Ray glows for golden hour shot

Close-up of Sommer Ray
Sommer Ray is radiant during golden hour. Pic credit: @sommerray/Instagram

Sommer Ray took her name quite literally this week as she basked in the golden rays of sunshine during a photoshoot for Schon Magazine.

The fitness model and influencer posed naked for the shoot, using her hands to cover her modesty.

Despite wearing no clothes, Sommer wore an abundance of gold jewelry for the look, including statement cobra earrings and an interesting choker that featured two large pearls.

But the main event of the shot was Sommer’s hair, which was created by celebrity hairstylist Mashal Afzalzada. Mashal braided and sculpted Sommer’s hair into a pretzel-like 3D coil which had a dramatic result.

Sommer also wore glowy makeup, including gold feline eyeliner, bushy brows, and glossy lips.

The 26-year-old shared the shots on social media and captioned the photos simply with, “the hurrr”, in reference to her elaborate hairstyle.

Sommer Ray keeps her hair healthy with Imaraïs Beauty

Those intricate hairstyles can take a toll on hair, so luckily Sommer has her own product to help keep her hair strong and healthy.

Imaraïs Beauty is Sommer’s own line of gummy supplements, they currently stock two varieties, Glow, for hydrated skin, and Grow, for luscious hair.

Sommer reveals on the Imaraïs website that she set out to make great vegan beauty products that are backed by science. She said, “I have always believed that the best self-care products should be simplistic and natural, which inspired me to develop just that. At Imaraïs Beauty, we are committed to producing real-world results with innovative formulas powered by plant-based superfoods.”

Grow is made from organic mushrooms and claims to help hair growth, retain nutrients, boost scalp conditions, and promote strong and healthy hair.

Grow and Glow are both available on Imaraï for $49 each.

Sommer Ray reveals her booty-sculpting diet

Sommer is very careful about looking after her body by working out and eating nutritious foods. On she reveals she aims to eat 70g of protein a day to maintain her muscles, and eats a lot of grilled chicken, fresh veggies, and steamed rice.

However, she doesn’t deny herself the treats she loves and says, “On the weekends, and on some weekdays, too, I also like to have a drink — typically, tequila — and whatever else I’m craving.  If I want a slice of pizza, I have a slice of pizza. I want to look good, but I also want to enjoy life.”

Here’s to a girl that can do both!

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