Sommer Ray gets in on celebrity cold plunge trend

sommer ray selfie
Sommer Ray tried the celebrity cold plunge trend. Pic credit: @sommerray/Instagram

The water may have been chilly, but Sommer Ray brought the heat to a cold plunge.

The influencer was the latest to join in on the viral trend, which involves sitting in an ice bath for a pre-determined amount of time.

Previous participants in the cold plunge in recent weeks have included Alysha Newman and Anastasia Ashley.

The cold plunge has been fun to watch because everyone has a chance to add their own twist to the challenge.

Sommer took to her social media, using her Instagram Stories to share her efforts.

As for Sommer, she wasn’t simply content with hopping into an ice bath. Instead, the TikTok personality turned things up a notch, putting on a two-piece and extending the time to three minutes.

Sommer Ray takes the cold plunge challenge

As fans could see, the experience elicited a lot of feelings from the beauty. However, the challenge was all in good fun and also came with the bonus of anti-inflammatory effects.

Sommer rocked a burnt orange bikini with a cutout in the bodice as she took the plunge and made several animated expressions. Her light brown tresses were secured with a hair tie as Sommer waited for the seconds to pass.

The influencer rocked a lot of accessories, including multiple rings and a dainty bracelet. Sommer eventually completed the cold plunge and looked like a pro as she accomplished her goal.

sommer ray plunge
Pic credit: @sommerray/Instagram

When Sommer isn’t engaging in viral trends, you might find her growing her businesses. In addition to her influencing career, she launched a clothing line. The clothing line has allowed Sommer to combine her passion for fitness with her passion for fashion.

Sommer also released Imaraïs Beauty, a line that promises to help users get luscious hair like hers.

Sommer Ray launches Imaraïs Beauty

If anyone could sell hair and wellness gummies, it would be Sommer, whose hair is one of her signature features.

Sommer has revealed that her flawless complexion and luscious mane are the results of her wellness gummies from her brand, Imaraïs Beauty.

The plant-based and sugar-free Imaraïs Beauty gummies check all the boxes for those scrutinizing the ingredients. One of Sommer’s products has multiple mushrooms, each of which has hair-strengthening and stimulating properties.

Sommer touted the benefits of her product, writing in a caption, “chaga mushroom helps with hair growth by stimulating and strengthening hair follicles. these help us retain key hair-boosting nutrients that give us strong & healthy hair.”

She continued, “Reishi mushroom helps to encourage blood circulation, which means more oxygen & hair-loving nutrients can travel to the scalp to promote healthy hair growth.”

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