Sommer Ray dances for joy in front of her very own billboard

Sommer Ray close up
Sommer Ray celebrated her billboard success with fans. Pic credit: @sommerray/Instagram

Celebrations were on the menu for Sommer Ray this week as her business IMARAЇS Beauty was emblazoned on a billboard for all to see.

Sommer launched her vegan beauty business in 2021, selling plant-based & sugar-free skin care gummies that, according to the website, promote “hydrated, glowing, and plump-looking skin!”

With business booming, Sommer took to the streets to celebrate such a huge success, filming her excitement nearby the advertisement.

The billboard image featured a flawless-looking Sommer lying on a white silk backdrop holding one of the sugar-free gummies in her hand.

The stunning 26-year-old was the perfect advertisement for the product, with her skin glowing and her masses of brunette locks looking healthy with a gorgeous shine.

Sommer celebrated from across the street, dancing and twirling in a comfortable green velour tracksuit.

Her zip-up jacket was of cropped length, showcasing the washboard stomach that fitness fanatic Sommer works hard to achieve.

She raised her arms to the sky as she swayed her hips from side-to-side to express her delight at the skincare billboard.

Sommer Ray celebrates success of IMARAЇS Beauty

Sommer was prone to dry skin and acne in her pre-teen years and found that nothing worked for her skin back then.

Keen to avoid medications and heavy chemical solutions, she found her inspiration to start the business.

In an interview with Mogul Magazine, she explained, “I’ve always thought that we don’t need 12-step topical skincare regimes – we need long-lasting solutions with effective ingredients!”

She revealed the product had recently undergone testing that returned results of a 17.75% improvement in skin hydration, with 91% of participants reporting that their skin felt and looked more moisturized after repeated consumption. 

Sommer claimed that as far as she knew, this was one of the first-ever studies of the benefits of ingestible skincare.

She said, “That excites me! I wanted to disrupt the beauty space by simplifying daily routines, and our gummies deliver on that. I’m also huge on living sustainably, which we, as a brand, are hugely proud of with our recyclable packaging and locally-sourced ingredients.”

When asked about the future of the brand, Sommer said a big goal is to evolve the company from skincare to self-care, revealing that she has some great products in the pipeline.

Sommer Ray shares new workout program with fans for Sommer Ray Shop

Fitness queen Sommer is putting her stamp on the fitness market with the introduction of a fitness program to her online store, Sommer Ray Shop.

Sommer loves to work out and keep herself in incredible shape for photoshoots and is now encouraging fans to get fit alongside her.

The Instagram sensation donned an animal print leotard and leg warmers to reveal the news and take fans through a short workout.

She said, “I’m really excited because I have a new workout program coming out! Here’s a little sneak peek of my favorite workouts.”

Sommer explained each movement and demonstrated how it’s done, making it easy for fans to follow along.

Sommer’s Ultimate 8-week Workout features an extensive breakdown of fitness and nutrition tips, including photo and video tutorials.

The plan is available to download in PDF form for $64.99 from the Sommer Ray Shop website.

The fitness section of Sommer’s store also features a Booty Program and various resistance bands to help fans on their workout journeys.

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