Sofia Vergara sizzles in black bustier under burnt orange suit during romantic date night with Joe Manganiello

Sofia Vergara in black bustier with orange suit
Sofia Vergara stuns fans in a black bustier and burnt orange suit on date night with Joe Manganiello. Pic credit: Backgrid

Sofia Vergara stunned fans with her newest date night look from Sunday night, proving that age may only be just a number for her. 

The 49-year-old model and actress went out with her husband, Joe Manganiello, wearing a vibrant orange suit. 

She kept the suit jacket draped over her shoulders, showing off the black bustier underneath. She tied the look together with a black purse and heels. 

Sofia Vergara stuns in date night outfit

Sofia Vergara reminded fans that she was, and could still be, a glamourous model on Sunday night as she posed for photos and showed off her look.

One photo captures the actress midstep, allowing for a partial side-view of her outfit. Fans can see Joe Manganiello behind her as she walks.

In the second photo, she stands with a wide smile. This photo shows a front view of the outfit and her Hermès handbag.

Sofia Vergara in orange suit
Pic credit: Backgrid
Sofia Vergara in orange suit
Pic credit: Backgrid

While Sofia stunned fans with her hot look, her husband wore simpler attire: a gray jacket and maroon shirt. Their date night photo comes almost a week after Sofia’s Valentine’s Day post on Instagram.

Joe Manganiello is still getting used to being loved by Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello have been married since 2015 and their love for each other only seems to grow stronger with each passing day. 

On Valentine’s Day, Sofia declared “you r mine” to her husband while Joe said, “I love you so much!!!” The pair share a lot of love for each other, even to the public eye, and sometimes that affection can be an adjustment in relationships. 

The Daily Mail reports that Joe admitted he is still adjusting to being married to Sofia because she has so much love for him.

He said, “The biggest adjustment in marriage? Coming to grips with the idea that someone who is not related to you could possibly love you that much.”

On the topic of their marriage, he continued, “She was it for me. People say things like, ‘Marriage and relationships are work.’ But it’s not. Life is hard. Having somebody to help you deal with it is the greatest thing that ever happened.”

Despite the adjustments that may come with being loved by someone as glamorous as Sofia Vergara, Joe Manganiello seems to be doing just fine. After all, Sofia let everyone know that he is hers this past week. 

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