Sofia Vergara in blue bikini shows cleaning skills

sofia vergara face
Sofia Vergara is beautiful in a blue bikini as she shows her cleaning and polishing skills in a video taken in paradise. Pic credit: © West/ACE Pictures

Sofia Vergara has always been known for her stunning beauty and incredible acting chops, but the actress recently showed off her other talents— DIY skills.

The Modern Family star recently posted a video of herself polishing a light fixture in a blue bikini while outdoors in a cabana.

The social media reveal was spectacular because Sofia wore a blue bikini while doing a chore. It also showed a relatable side of Sofia, who recently shared a video while setting the Thanksgiving table for guests.

The video, posted on Sofia’s Instagram, could go viral, as the actress showed she could do anything and look amazing.

The post also served as a reminder that celebrities could be just like regular people and might enjoy doing DIY projects too.

The clip began with Sofia’s husband, Joe Manganiello, who recorded his wife working hard.

Sofia Vergara in a blue bikini polishes a light

“We’re on vacation,” Joe exclaimed as he filmed Sofia polishing the light.

Joe’s knee was visible in the corner of the frame as he recorded Sofia. She donned a blue bikini and cleaning gloves with a polishing spray in one hand and a cleaning rag in the other. Sofia had a coverup wrapped around her hips made of a sheer material that blew in the ocean wind.

Joe pondered, “Why are you up on top of a stool polishing brass on this light fixture?”

Joe reiterated that the two were on vacation as he giggled.

Sofia said the maids hadn’t cleaned the light and looked determined to do the job.

Behind Sofia, outside the cabana, there was lush greenery and vibrant palm trees, showing what kind of vacation she and Joe were on together.

In the caption that accompanied the video, Sofia revealed that she was thinking about vacation.

Sofia had every reason to be thinking about vacation, especially considering how hard she had worked for the past few months.

Sofia Vergara promotes Sofia Jeans by Walmart

Sofia Vergara teamed up with Walmart to create an affordable line of denim. As Sofia stated, every woman needs a good pair of jeans. Luckily for fans, she had just the solution.

Although Sofia’s line is relatively new, she has already named her favorite style of jeans.

She revealed to PopSugar, “My favorite is the Sofia; I named them after myself. I have that same style of jeans in other expensive brands, so I re-created it with a more affordable price. The style is super comfortable and beautiful.”

Sofia Jeans are available online in sizes 0-20 at affordable prices of $27.50 to $32.50.

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