Sofia Vergara heats up Instagram with nude pic as she lies in a heap of coffee beans

Sofia Vergara at the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood premier
Sofia Vergara turned some heads and dropped some jaws as she posed nude among thousands of coffee beans. Pic credit: ©ImageCollectAgency/ImagePressAgency

Sofia Vergara is serving up some serious heat!

Sofia Vergara set Instagram ablaze with her latest photo

The former Modern Family actress and current America’s Got Talent host, 49, shook up the Instagram feed with a post of herself lying completely nude in a huge pile of coffee beans, with just her aptly placed leg and a sprinkling of beans covering her up.

The photo, which leaves almost nothing to the imagination, was a stand-out as the Colombian absolutely glowed against the monotonous background of deep brown beans, her almond skin shining and her caramel hair flowing around her head.

Fans hopped on quickly to share their thoughts on the sizzling snap, with many saying they couldn’t see the coffee with Sofia’s figure dominating the page.

“ain’t nobody looking at that damn coffee,” wrote one person while another echoed a similar thought, saying, “what coffee?”

The actress doesn’t seem to be shy about showing off her fit physique and she has served up some looks on her Instagram page.

Pic credit: Instagram@sofiavergara

In the middle of summer, Sofia shared a smoking selfie as she posed in a bubblegum-pink bikini while getting ready to hang out with some friends.

Pic credit: Instagram@sofiavergara

The seemingly-ageless star also knows how to have some fun, showing off her collection of over-sized sunglasses this summer for National Sunglasses Day.

Sofia admitted that she panicked when Modern Family ended

Sofia spoke with Variety magazine in May of this year and told them she was nervous when the hit show Modern Family came to an end in 2020.

“I was very worried,” the actress told the magazine, explaining that she didn’t know what she would do after finding such success on the show.

She said being offered a spot as a judge on the popular reality show America’s Got Talent was just the ticket to moving on.

“It didn’t occur to me that I could ever do something like ‘AGT’ ever in my life, so when they came to me with the offer, I was like, ‘What? Me?’ And then it was like, ‘Oh my god, this is a godsend.’ I realized that maybe this is what I would need to do to forget about ‘Modern Family,'” she said.

As savvy as she is beautiful, Sofia boasts a strong history of marking her place in the entertainment industry, even creating her own talent agency in 1995 aimed towards the Latina/Latino community of artists such as herself whom struggled to find representation.

Sofia currently lives in California with her husband, actor Joe Manganiello.

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