Sofia Vergara goes casual in black miniskirt and tights

Sofia Vergara attends the Los Angeles Art Show Opening Night Gala
Sofia Vergara stunned in Gucci and Chanel for an outing. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Sofia Vergara looked casual but stylish as she snapped a mirror selfie before going out. The 50-year-old actress and model was repping both Gucci and Chanel with her fit.

She wore a small black miniskirt paired with a white top for her look. She also wore a black jacket unzipped and unbuttoned over her white top.

Meanwhile, under her skirt, she wore a pair of sheer black tights that nicely encased her flawless long legs. For her shoes, she wore a pair of pointed-toe stiletto-heeled booties.

The boots featured some wraparound straps that were decorated with some metal-rimmed circles. The design added a nice stylish touch and matched her jacket well.

For accessories, she boasted a small black purse slung over her shoulder underneath her coat. Vergara also boasted multiple gaudy, chunky rings on her fingers and a pair of dangle earrings.

She opted to wear her hair loose and down for the photo and added some lipstick and eye makeup to finish her look.

Sofia Vergara went casual for date night

Vergara posed for the photo with one hand on her hip and the other grasping her phone. She looked down at her phone as she snapped the mirror selfie to share her outfit of the day.

In the photo, she indicated that she was going to Bagui street. She also tagged Gucci and Chanel to give them credit for her look.

Sofia Vergara poses for a mirror selfie
Pic credit: @sofiavergara/Instagram

In another Instagram Story, she revealed that her husband, Joe Manganiello, accompanied her for her outing. The two of them enjoyed a date at a hot pot restaurant.

Manganiello also went casual for the outing, wearing a simple olive green t-shirt, a watch, and a dog tag necklace. Of course, he also had their beloved pet Chihuahua sitting on his lap while dining.

Joe Manganiello on Sofia Vergara's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @sofiavergara/Instagram

Manganiello loves their pet Chihuahua, Bubbles, and the dog accompanies him and Vergara everywhere, even on date nights.

Manganiello, Vergara, and Bubbles seemed to enjoy their casual Friday date night together.

Sofia Vergara recently promoted her Teresa readers

Just days before sharing her date night with her followers, Vergara shared a promotion for her Teresa readers. She partnered with Foster Grant to develop the stylish reading glasses.

The cat eye-shaped readers come in three different animal-print frames. Customers can go with a full red leopard design or a leopard design that fades into either solid red or teal.

She partnered with Foster Grant beginning in 2020 when she realized she couldn’t get away with not wearing readers anymore. If she had to wear glasses, she wanted to design a stylish and comfortable pair.

Although the collection launched nearly three years ago, Vergara is still promoting them. She is also making it easier for consumers to purchase them by expanding what stores offer her readers.

She recently shared that her Teresa readers were available at Walgreens. She also shared a photo of her wearing the readers and gushed about how they “match with everything.”

The collection has been successful and long-lasting as it provides reading glasses in which customers can feel stylish and confident.

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