Sofia Richie enjoys Paris with a sparkly view of the Eiffel Tower

Close-up of Sofia Richie.
Sofia Richie’s face. Pic credit: ©

Paris is considered one of the most elegant, glamorous, and romantic places one might travel to in their lifetime.

Sofia Richie is proving that Paris is definitely worth a visit with her most recent pics on social media.

The fashionista, entrepreneur, and model stays on her toes with photo shoots and events on a regular basis. She’s also the beauty director of a company called NudeStix.

Regardless of her busy schedule, she took time out to enjoy a few nights in Paris and even zoomed in on the glittering Eiffel Tower while she was there.

Sofia isn’t the type of bombshell to be spotted out and about wearing outfits that aren’t completely divine on all levels.

The gorgeous starlet looks absolutely stunning in the sheer dress she wore during her time spent in Paris, and it’s worth admiring.

Sofia Richie’s sheer black dress in Paris is stunning

Sofia posted a photo in a lovely black dress that covered the skin on her chest, midsection, and hips. On the other hand, her thighs were easier to see because the dress was made with sheer material over the legs.

On top of the little black dress, Sofia added a black trenchcoat made with shiny material. The sleeves were long enough to cover her shoulders and arms entirely.

She kept it simple in terms of accessories with a simple gray-colored purse and minimal jewelry. She wore her dark hair pulled back into a slicked bun and kept her nails short with dark polish.

Sofia Richie takes professional fashion to another level

Anyone who is looking for fashion inspiration that leans towards a more professional side should look to Sofia for guidance. She posed for a couple of photos in an all-white business-savvy outfit during the summer.

Her cream-colored blazer paired perfectly well with the cream-colored slacks it was designed to be worn with.

She wore a white blouse underneath with white pointy heels. Sofia decked herself out with elegant jewelry including a gold chain necklace and a pair of white dangly earrings with gold loops at the bottom.

The only pop of color in the entire outfit was the little pink purse she held in her hand. The hot pink purse added a striking contrast to the mix, adding a bit of fun to the super-polished look.

Sofia added a caption that expressed her excitement for Virgo season. It’s interesting to note that since Sofia was born on August 24, she’s a Virgo herself!

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