Social media star Loren Gray stuns in velour sports bra while in bed for social distancing

Loren Gray close up
Loren Gray wows her fans without getting out of bed. Pic credit: ©

Most people would say that it’s easy to be a fan of someone like Loren Gray who knows the ins and outs of beauty and fashion.

The social media starlet now has millions of people keeping up with her and all of the fashion choices she makes.

With over 23.5 million followers on the gram, Loren is pretty smart about keeping her accounts as updated as possible.

Sometimes, she shares pictures and videos in cute, casual outfits that probably didn’t require much effort on her part.

Other times, it’s more obvious that she’s honed in on her love for beauty and fashion before grabbing her camera.

Loren’s latest Instagram pictures in a velour sports bra are beyond dazzling to see.

Loren Gray looks great while social distancing

Social distancing became a big deal in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic first swept across the world.

A lot of people started spending time at home alone, away from their friends, family, and loved ones.

As we quickly approach 2023, it appears that Loren is still taking social distancing as seriously as ever.

She posted two pictures leaning up on her knees in bed wearing a dark green, velour sports bra. She paired the sexy sports bra with camouflage-patterned pants.

The “star” of Loren’s photos happens to be her tight, flat tummy. It’s obvious that she cares about staying in shape based on how toned her abs are.

In the photos, you’ll notice her white acrylic nails, hoop earrings, and her long, blonde hair.

Loren Gray isn’t shy when it comes to showing off her flat stomach

In a separate photo thread posted by Loren, she’s seen showing off her washboard abs once again.

Instead of rocking a velour sports bra, she’s wearing a crop top that appears to be covered in some sort of lacy material.

The skirt and jacket she chose to wear are white and pink with a floral design.

Since Loren’s stomach is totally visible once again, it’s easy to see her belly button piercing in place.

Instead of opting for a long, dangling belly button piercing, she has a small, simple stud inserted.

A lot of people recognize Loren with platinum blonde hair that usually frames her face in most of her social media content.

In this series of pictures though, streaks of blonde hair are only visible at the very front while the rest of her hair is dyed a chocolate brown color.

Loren obviously knows how to switch things up when it comes to her hair and makeup –– and her fashion sense always stays on the same level of excellence.

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